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  • lucy_nuff lucy_nuff Jan 31, 2012 9:54 AM Flag

    SCCO Shot Itself In The Foot

    silly dividend and failure to produce an earnings report is not what WS appreciates.
    That conduct generates questions and uncertainty.
    Hopefully they'll put in a solid earnings report and be able to put this nonsense behind.
    But, they do need to set an earnings time and date and HONOR it if they want credibility from WS.

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    • Lucy, have you taken enough lumps from shorting INTC? When I frequented INTC's board I could not help yo notice your almost constant bashing there. I sold my INTC at 25.10, thinking its usual drop under 20 was just around the corner. It's currently well over 26, a price it has not been since the start of the recession. Trying your hand at shorting SCCO I see! The last couple of years SCCO's has fallen in the winter months. Maybe it is the rainy season in Peru at this time of year or something... Past performances in a stock does not always dictate its future movement. I think Grupo wants cheap sellers in order to buy more shares, increasing its overall ownership of SCCO. I too will consider adding to my SCCO holdings in the event of a big pullback, and consider lightening my holdings at 65.50, if it should reach that number again this quarter. Considering SCCO's usually generous dividend per quarter its ex-runup is not always reflective of the fat dividend. So maybe its paltry one this quarter will not hurt its pps so badly, as a contrarian view may go. Good luck, FOXY

    • It's coming, your other foot will have a nasty hole.

      SCCO Management still showing on website Jan 30th as Earnings release and Jan 31 as Conference call.

      After the NASTY Dividend shocker, please tell us about earnings, revenues and next Q?

      If you don't know I suggest you take your profits if you have them and RUN!

    • You are absolutely right.

      SCCO's callous disregard of the investment community with their horrendous communications
      blunders just shouts INCOMPETENT ADMINISTRATION.

      It's been bad in the past, but this is the worst ever now they list release dates on their website. First, the earnings release was Jan 27 (a stupid day when after the close). Then the website was changed to Jan 30. As of 10:00 am this morning, the website STILL said Jan 30.

      Shouting at the world, WE ARE INCOMPETENT!!!

    • failure to produce an earnings report ......

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