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  • rogluther rogluther Apr 26, 2012 1:06 PM Flag

    OT Danger OT

    Recent articles (you'll have to dig) indicate there is a move afoot for India and China to purchase oil from Iran with gold! The alleged reason for this move is to avoid sanctions against Iran.

    Some speculate that China will start oil for gold purchases at the end of this June.

    IMHO this is a very dangerous precedent as it could signal the start of undermining the dollar as the world reserve currency and that could lead to disaster for us in the longer-term.

    Or ….. maybe its just a subtle warning from China/India to the U.S.

    Let me speculate on some potential long-term problems with gold for oil:

    #1. It could ultimately lead to the US having to either pay for oil with gold or significantly devalue the dollar. #2. What would happen if China tied the value their currency to gold rather than the dollar? #3. If #2 happened in the longer-term, whose currency would be viewed as the best in the world (the reserve currency)? #4. If the yuan were tied to gold, whose economy would predominate in the world? To where would capital flow? Who would likely be assured of unprecedented long-term growth?

    All knotty problems that we may have to face in the future.

    In the interim, our politicians fiddle.

    No aggressive energy policy, no aggressive fiscal policy, no aggressive plan to grow our economy and put the American citizen to work, no plans to balance our budget and reduce our national debt, etc!

    All these idiot politicians are thinking about how borrow from China and others and/or printing more fiat currency to meet spending DESIRES (not needs).

    For what!

    To buy YOUR votes with YOUR dollars to assure THEIR positions of power!

    We'll see this fall if the American voter is just plain stupid or if we're starting to wise-up. I'm not holding my breath..

    Me thinks China has a 10 year plan. Typical of communists.

    Just some random thoughts to jolt your brain! Care to comment?

    PS: Why hasn't our media been all over stories like this? It seems to me we can read EVERYTHING about Kim, Kloe on an daily basis and almost nothing about things can truly impact our and our decedents lives!

    Are we that “shallow” or are we being fed a bill of goods to cover-up the real problems that only our utopian masters can understand and deal with? I think the latter.

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    • good post. meant to rate it 5 stars, but system only allowed 1 star.

    • 'I worked without a single raise for 7 years because the union ok'ed increased contributions to insurance in lieu of a better paycheck. I didn't use the district's insurance so I gave up about $500+ each of those years. When I left the school district 10 yrs later, I re-entered as a contract sub for beginning teacher pay. Imagine my surprise to discover beginning teacher pay was only $3,000 less than I was making as a veteran. '

      I am also a teacher in Florida. I dislike unions and your statement above has nothing to do with unions. Teacher's insurance is governed and managed by the state. The rules are setup by the state. You choose to become a teacher knowing those rules so you made a personal choice. As for your salary claim 10 years is a long time to compare salaries if you take into consideration inflation and cost of living increases. Now let's get back to the market for a change.

    • WELL.
      Perhaps you see why UINONS kills jobs in America

      Get rid of unions and let the free market do it job


      Let talk stocks

    • And my point is that government controlling sterilization is too much government in private lives. I would rather not "reward" negative behavior (welfare payments being the reward) than punish(sterialization)that negative behavior.
      I believe we agree on the desired end result but not the means to achieve it.

    • The difference, which you appear to fail to understand, is those sterilized under my plan would self-select by their behavior, AFTER a warning that the next welfare kid would be their last.

      The German program of building the "master race" sterilized people based on the color of their hair, eyes or skin. No self-selection or anti-social behavior was required.

    • If you want to identify a stupid statement how about "Mandatory sterilization on the second welfare kid." I believe those are your words. How about limiting the amount of welfare to the first one or two kids rather than forcing sterialization like the Germans did to the "less desireable" individuals. I said nothing about killing people for their beliefs.
      By the way, I am a registered Republican but I do not vote a party line like some puppets, I vote for the person.

    • For the record, I work in a right to work state (FL) and never joined the teacher's union. However, the teacher's union has been given the authority to negotiate our contracts. I worked without a single raise for 7 years because the union ok'ed increased contributions to insurance in lieu of a better paycheck. I didn't use the district's insurance so I gave up about $500+ each of those years. When I left the school district 10 yrs later, I re-entered as a contract sub for beginning teacher pay. Imagine my surprise to discover beginning teacher pay was only $3,000 less than I was making as a veteran. I still have a valid teaching certificate, but if I were to return to teaching, the district would have to include my prior years of teaching, making me more expensive than a 1 yr teacher fresh out of college.
      Public sector unions make it easier to retain deadwood and discourages good people from staying in the profession.

    • I agree with Dar (to a point--mandatory sterilization is ant intriguing daydream, but not practical)
      Teachers can only do so much with the material they are presented to work with. That said, there have been structural changes to school programs that have ignored how children learn. First and formost is the middle school model. Saved taxpayers from having to build more schools and hire more teachers, however, it disregards the developmental stages of 6th graders, throws them in with 7th & 8th graders (who belong in a box until they are 14) and topped it off with the "self esteem" movement that basically tried to convince students that everybody is the same. Throw in parental neglect, drugs and behavior issues and you have situations that can or cannot be resolved in a public school setting. Everybody is not the same and the methods have created a mediocre (at best) homogenous bunch of kids that function in high school and beyond at levels way below what was expected of us when we were students.
      The second horn of the issue is how teacher effectiveness is evaluated. In most cases, a grade does not reflect a student's mastery of a subject, rather it is inflated with such things as behavior modification. If you don't include some sort of carrot, you lose. Over the years, I've had students tell me they don't like me, so they aren't going to do my work. If they have parents that don't care if they fail my class or not, on teacher evaluations, that child's F looks the same as the one who wasn't taught competently. Believe it or not, many of my kids did not come to school to learn. They came to see their friends, sell their drugs, have sex in the stairwells and assorted other nonsense. I taught drop out prevention and in standard testing subgroups, my group's scores would have made me look like a total incompent. Less than 10% of my 9th graders made it to graduation, but I averted 5 suicides, got a bunch into rehab programs and did what I could to shore up desparate lives. In return, I've assualted, threatened, had my house threatened, my children threatened. Under current methods of evaluating compency, I would probably never get another raise or any kind of merit pay.
      Until we all agree on what teacher compency looks like, how to measure it to be fair to all the subgroups, it will reward the brown nosers and harm the ones that are digging the latrines.

    • That's a stupid statement and typical of demagogging, left-wing liberals.

      Harshly punishing anti-social BEHAVIOR (after a warning)is hardly similar to killing people for their religion. But that doesn't matter to you socialists.

    • I believe the Germans had a similar system from about 1935 to 1944.

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