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  • dar200 dar200 Jan 29, 2014 3:27 PM Flag

    Off topic---Propane availability

    Anybody here heat with propane, especially from Amerigas?

    If yes, how is availability and price in your area?

    Reason: I bought some APU when it tanked over ETP selling some units. 1Q (which is 12/31) to be reported next week. I have the feeling that 1Q and 2Q deliveries will set consecutive records if this cold stays. Thinking about buying more before earnings out since it has not recovered from ETP offering.

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    • Don't heat with propane ....... use nat gas for everything but the water heater.

      Interesting thing is that I was one of those in NE Ohio who went without nat gas for 3 days this month because of an unexplained supply disruption. ....... something I had never heard of before. When this happened the gas company (Columbia) had to determine the problem, then go to every user location (about 2700) and shut off the gas and then after the problem was fixed they had to turn on the gas at each location and relight each furnace and check each gas appliance for safety reasons. When I asked the technician what happened (at 2:45 am) he said he didn't know but thought it had something to do with a drop in pipeline pressure .... something HE had never before experienced. It's a good thing that I had back-ups in the form of a propane heater, 3 electric space heaters and butane and propane camp stoves for cooking. This happened when outside temp were from 8 to 11 degrees F. Moral ..... be prepared, but ..... I hate to think of what would have happened if the electricity went out ...... maybe I also need a generator.

      That being said here's a broad brush look at what has happened to propane prices in Ohio.

      1/6/14 $2.89 gal
      1/13/14 $2.95
      1/20/14 $2.99
      1/27/14 $3.73

      Word has it that at this time some people have had to wait up to 10 days to get a propane delivery.

      Hope this helps.

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      • Thanks, rog. I suggest you buy some APU for a 2 quarter hold. It goes ex 84 cent dividend on 2/5....8.8% on 43 price.

        Still hasn't recovered from ETP secondary......was in mid 44s. I expect record deliveries in Q ending 12/31 (report next week) with good margins due to scarcity. I don't think market has priced NOV & DEC being coldest in years on top of corn farmers sucking massive propane to dry crop. If it stays cold, then Q ending 3/31 will be another record. I just sold a SUI flipper and bought another 1,000 APU.

        As to generator, I have Generac 14kw (on propane) and 13kw on natural gas with service rates 200 amp automatic transfer switch. Does the whole house without breaking a sweat in winter. Have to be careful in summer as it can just about handle the a/c startup with an otherwise light load. Doesn't matter because it has "load shedding". The a/c thermostat is wired into a special circuit (there are 2 for a/c and 4 others)....where if the controller senses an overload, it shuts off the load shedding circuits in order of priority.

        Last Feb we had a blizzard. We were watching TV. Lights went off. We just sat there. 20 to 25 seconds later, lights back on powered by generator. When utility voltage drops controller waits 10 seconds to see if it comes back. If not, it starts generator and lets it warm up for 5 seconds. After generator warm-up, it transfers generator power to my entire circuit breaker panel. We love it. Best 6 grand we have spent in years. We are both getting on in years. If I am gone, I know my wife, who cannot handle a portable gasoline generator, is safe and secure.

    • I live in California. We heat the home with Nat Gas and the RV with propane. No shortages in either at the moment.

      Dar, got a divident prediction for SCCO?


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      • its 0.12

      • Divident announced tonight, change.

        You been to any SUI parks? If yes, nice, competitive?

        We're in an area of RI that has natural gas. Thank goodness for us, as oil about 4.25 and electricity over 17 cents per kwh. We use nat gas for everything except clothes dryer. When that dies, next dryer is gas.

        Problem in northeast for gas is pipeline capacity is insufficient. Competition between electricity generators and heating during very cold spells = spot prices for gas over 100 per million btu vs 5.25 at Henry Hub.

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