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  • rogluther rogluther May 14, 2014 5:12 PM Flag

    Too Much Free Time

    Sometimes when we experience a big gain (or loss) like today AND I have nothing better to do, I TRY to figure out what's going on.

    So ...... I went to the Yahoo interactive chart and noticed that at 10:54, 10:55, 11:23, 1:21, 3:37 ,3:38, 3:44, 3:45, 3:57 and at 4:00 there were large volumes of shares traded. At each of these one minute intervals a minimum of 28600 and a maximum of 76,400 shares changed hands. The total of these 11 trading minutes represent 441,900 shares (assuming the accuracy of the yahoo charts).

    What do I conclude from these numbers ....... "someone(s)" is accumulating. I found it especially interesting that in the last 16 minutes of trading 5 of these major transactions accounted for 246,700 shares ...... so what? Maybe tomorrow will be another good day.

    The question I can't answer is WHY (and it's NOT moly price). Sure..... copper price is also up but does this explain a 4% + pop in SCCO in one day? Me thinks 'someone" knows something and it sure as heck isn't me.

    Could it be that Dar is just working his biggest dinner trade of all time. Dar ..... I demand that you explain yourself.

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    • Naw, I'm having more fun flipping nrf. Same trading pattern over and over again. Got a 532 dinner trade in 23 minutes this morning. If usual afternoon smackdown arrives I'll do it again.

      Just sitting on core position in scco because I have to pay too much tax to try to time the turnaround in price when new production is taken into account. Yield too low to entice me to flip.

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