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  • postoke postoke Oct 18, 2001 12:47 AM Flag

    More on Clinton's pardon of Terrorists

    Read what Rush said today about Barbara Olson's book. Barbara, as you no doubt know, was on the plane that crashed into the Pentagon. She managed to make a cell phone call to her husband, Ted Olson, our Solicitor General, just prior to the crash.

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    • You and I agree. Finally.

      Our schools of engineering and medicine are excellant. They are full of foreigners. They stay because of our system of personal freedoms.

      Our other disciplines are not so fortunate. Entrance is biased towards such things as minority status and "need", and the quality of the graduates plainly shows it.

      The glass is half full, I also agree. Probably more than half full. It is the direction of contents that concern many of us.


    • Cmstln - One of my sons is an engineer - Texas A&M. I work or have worked with engineers from Penn State, UT, OU, Tulsa, Colo School of Mines, Missouri School of Mines, Texas A&M, so I think its safe to say I know my way around engineering schools and profession. Engineeers make my life miserable especially at the end of the year during our reserve evaluation.

      You're right there are many foreigners but the majority are just like you and me. The fact that they stay here, I beleive speaks volumes for not only our personal freedom, but also the quality of US education.

      I think other board posters are tired of this dialog. So, lets leave it at this - you say the glass is half empty I say it's half full. Time will tell who's right.

    • "I think if I really believed what you write, I'd head for the hills this afternoon."

      What exactly would you gain from such an act except to place yourself in the great out of doors and possibly relax for a while? And if these were the desired effects, why have you not already headed for the hills sooner?

      If you plan on heading to the hills in my neck-o-the woods you better remove the earring. We are friendly to strangers in these parts, but not THAT friendly. :-)


    • Shaif,

      Obviously, you have not been in any of the engineering schools in the U.S. for a while.

      You will find them filled with foreigners. This one statistic should get your attention:
      Less than 2% of the U.S. population is from East India, but fully 30% of those inrolled in engineering class in U.S. universities are East Indian. The majority of those are not citizens. Other countries fill in the rest of the roster. The only redeeming factor is that many of them stay here.

      Microsoft's halls are filled with foreigners, because they cannot find the talent domestically.

      The great society is upon you, it is killing you, yet you refuse to admit it. Hopefully enough of us will at least recognize the problem, to start changing things.

      If we do not, you will be singing "who'da thought it", and blaming some ivory tower money guru for your problems.



    • Cmstln - Your first paragraph is absolutlely incredible. No matter what personal freedoms we have, we still have to have intelligence to invent, develop and market television, DVD's PC's, telecom, oil and gas drilling and completion technology, new medical devices, new medicine etc.etc.

      Using your logic an anarchy would be the perfect state.

      I'm also curious about what principles have we lost. You are about the most pessimistic person I've read on this board. I think if I really believed what you write, I'd head for the hills this afternoon.

      I think your problem, and probably the problem with some other posters is that our pluralistic society may have passed you by and the only way you can cope with it, is by condemning it (i.e. bring back the good old days.) Or put more simply - you see the cup half empty while I see it half full. But, you may be right, but I seriously doubt it and am glad as can be that I do.

    • Shaef,

      Our dominant status in the world is not the result of our currently dismal public education system. It is a result of the personal freedoms we have enjoyed.

      The soviet union had a compulsory system of public education. It started with and continued with the problems our system now has. Where did it get them?

      The brilliant, classically educated gentlemen who gave you those freedoms feared, (and wrote of their fears) a government system of education. They wrote eloquently against it.

      The facts, before their days, and now, have justified their fears.

      If you do not care for Juvenal, I suggest you read Franklin. (Benjamin)

      History is replete with instances where the great and mighty have fallen by neglect of their principles. If we do not regain ours, we will be no exception.



    • Great speech, Schaef. Even though I don't know who the great gasbag is either.
      But I wish you guys would channel all this great energy into figuring out an earnings estimate for CHK. The analysts are expecting $.24 but as much as I play with the numbers I can't come close. Some help would be appreciated. Anything in excess of $.24 may do wondrous things for the stock price.

    • Carnac_The_Magnificent Carnac_The_Magnificent Oct 19, 2001 11:21 AM Flag

      Who is this great gasbag you keep referring to? Clinton is not getting nearly as much press thesedays, so are you referring to him? Inquiring minds "gots ta' know!"


    • CB - And I get tired of you guys not thinking before you write. I'm usually too polite and gentlemanly to say so, except this time.

      Of course the US ranks 18th or 19th and maybe even lower down. But, have you ever considered in your tiny little brain cells that educating the elite few which most foreign countries do, rather than the come-one come-all philosophy of the US education system is bound to produce superior results.

      Go to your nearby public school and see how many kids don't speak English, are mentally impaired but thrown in with the rest of the kids, don't eat breakfast because their parents don't have any interest in them and so on and so on. I think you might get a little bit better appreciation for our teachers and administration.

      And, if that hasn't strained your brain too much (I'm afraid it will though) consider that the US is the economic, cultural, military elite nation in the world - no one else even comes close. Where does it start - in the schools. Even someone as simple minded as you seem to be would have to draw the conclusion there is a correlation between public education and our number one status. And, its not because of big government, the Republicans or Democrats - it's a decision made many years ago by the American people to educat eeveryone, that's paying dividends in spades. Why can't you understand that simple concept.

      What I don't understand about you guys is that you all profess to be patriots of the first degree, but all you ever do is bitch about the rotten state of affairs in the US. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm proud to be an American. We have a lot of problems, but dammit all, we have a lot to be proud of, including our current President, but for some reason you just won't admit it. Maybe you all have been listening to the great gasbag too long.

    • According to Ted Turner, you need $200M to lead the rich and famous lifestyle (jet, 5 houses, travel, etc.) Maybe Rubin is still trying??

      I do agree with you on both Rubin and Lindsey being the people I would want there. You may remember, however, that Lawrence Summers made a few statements that he later retracted because Clinton made some contradictory ones. I'm not sure whether Rubin's policies were followed 100% by the past administration, especially if Dick Morris or a focus group indicated something else.

      I also disagree that Greenspan was the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain, although raising interest rates during rapidly rising energy prices was a little stupid (especially if most of the money left the US). To me, a lot of the boom was due to the Y2K spending spree and the huge demand brought forth in the initial build of our communications network, both past us.

      I guess my point is there are lots of people to blame and praise. Government and tax policy is a primary force in what happens, but it isn't everything.

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