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  • larrywalker larrywalker Aug 5, 2003 3:35 PM Flag

    Dow Crashing

    What happened? Did Hillary announce her candidacy for president?

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    • Hillary?Hillary who?

    • What a tired saw Z-Z-z-z-z- Hilary this Hilary that -- Bill was a weasel blah blah blah.

      To tell the truth I'm a bit concerned about our growing deficit.

      Although you will say IMF this and IMF that - their message below is hard to refute. If you can't reign in a slightly fiscally irresponsible Mr. Bush, the people of the U.S. will lose all of their tax breaks to higher interest and inflation. I personally see no end to this military expansionism - which costs a lot of money and effort. Money that we don't have right now!

      Yah - Bill just had it handed to him and poor Dubya just had so much bad luck and in fact Bill has been the cause of all of Dubya's problems. Come on - make some real arguments or shut the &^%k up!!!


      "For the economy's full potential to be realized, decisive action will need to be taken over the coming years to re-establish a strong U.S. fiscal position," the IMF said in its annual review of the U.S. economy.

      Last month, the White House Office of Management and Budget projected that the budget deficit would hit $455 billion this fiscal year -- the largest ever in dollar terms -- then climb to $475 billion in fiscal 2004.

      "The worsening of the longer-term fiscal position, including as a result of the recent tax cuts, will make it even more difficult to cope with the aging of the baby-boom generation, and will eventually crowd out investment and erode U.S. productivity growth," the fund wrote.

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      • Germany's Jobless Rate Up to 10.4 Percent
        The Associated Press
        Wednesday, August 6, 2003; 9:02 AM

        BERLIN �� Germany's jobless rate rose to 10.4 percent in July with 94,500 more people out of work than in the previous month amid stagnation in Europe's largest economy, according to government figures released Wednesday.

        The unadjusted unemployment rate increased from 10.2 percent in June, with a total of 4.352 million people out of work, the Federal Labor Office said. Some 305,000 more Germans were without a job than in July last year, it added.

        The German economy is in its third year of stagnation. It contracted slightly in the first quarter of this year following 0.2 percent growth last year and 0.6 percent expansion in 2001.

        "While early economic indicators point to a forthcoming economic upswing, current indicators such as orders and industrial production show no turnaround yet," the labor office said in its statement. "Consequently, the labor market also has shown no fundamental improvement."

      • The Economist thinks that US governmental bookkeeping is simular to that of Enron. An honest audit would put the fat in the fire.

    • Mr Walker, don't think we've formally met, but I like your style.

    • Hey,Guys, that was supposed to be a joke. I realize I'm no Bob Hope. *S* Good luck with our CHK.

    • Ho hum - another Hillary basher. Blaming her for the Dow crashing I guess is easier than placing it where it really belongs.

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      • BShaef
        I know these good men and women are board brothers and sisters - but it gets real old when you hear that all of the shit in the world is to the blame of Bill and Hillary. These same intelligent ladies and gents say that Bill committed treason etc.
        Some could contrarily say that the real treason has been and is being committed by virtue of the right-wing-born-again Christian fanatics in the White House whose war agenda against Iraq was put in place long before 9/11.
        Some could say it is treason to falsify the information used to justify the US invasion. Some could say US Military men and women have died on foreign soil and the US has wasted Billions needed for an economic recovery in the US because of the treasonous greed of a few in power. Some could say all this. Of course YOU and I would not say that. That's because we are good fellow brothers of the board.

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