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  • mori_cnc_guy mori_cnc_guy Jun 11, 2009 9:57 PM Flag

    NG powered Freightliners

    Freightliner brand trucks will build trucks with Cummins/Westport NG engines. Let's hope UPS and FED-EX will give them a try.

    Westport Innovations---WPRT

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    • I thought Detroit was the only engine supplier for FL? How did cummins get this business?

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      • I've been digging for info on NG vehicles for 2 or 3 months probably. I'm no expert and I don't have any "inside" knowledge. I'm just a guy turning over rocks and when I come across something interesting I will share it on this board. I don't work in the trucking industry so I must admit I was a little surprised at how long some of these NG engines have been in service. I think the Westport engines go back to early this decade (02 or 03 maybe). As for the question about Cummins and Freightliner; I think Freightliners are available with Cummins diesels but the majority of their trucks are equipped with either Mercedes or Detroit diesels. As far as I know neither Mercedes or Detroit is offering an NG engine at this time. Thus the agreement with Cummins/Westport. In addition to Freightliner, Diamler also marketed trucks under the Sterling brand which was also available with Cummins/Westport power. They are discontinuing the Sterling brand.

    • UPS is already there!! All the trucks in my area are CNG!

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      • Evil owes me nothing. All I said was you might take a look at WPRT. I never recomended purchase of WPRT. I'm sure you did your own analysis of WPRT before purchasing shares. The stock has had a good run and I am glad it is working for you. Good timing too with this Diamler/Freightliner deal. WPRT is an interesting story with a lot of potential but no profits yet. The JV with Cummins does lend a lot of credibility to their program though. I also read where Mack is going to offer the Cummins/Westport engines in a cab-over refuse chassis. Interesting because Mack generaly does not use outside engine suppliers. The infrastructure for NG fuel for transportation is coming together and shows some promise. I hope to see some more large fleet operators follow the path of AT&T and get serious with NG. Just to be transparent I do own shares of CHK and WPRT. I do not own shares of CMI, PCAR, or T. Good luck folks.

    • PACCAR is already producing some trucks with the Cummins/Westport engines in some of their Peterbuilt and Kenworth models.

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