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    • I had a chance last night to read over the CC transcript for Westport Innovations (WPRT). Westport supplies NG engines for the medium and heavy truck and transit bus markets. Some Peterbuilt and Kenworth models are now available with the Cummins/Westport engines factory installed and not up fitted after purchase. Westport claims they are seeing a lot of interest from fleet operators in NG as an alternative to diesel with six or so companies short term testing some coal hauling trucks in Utah with very possitive feed back on performance and dependability. Wal-Mart is doing a longer term test with some Westport powered Peterbuilts. I read somewhere else that JB Hunt is testing some NG trucks too. Westport claims that right now credit availabiliy for fleets is one of the main issues for not getting more of these NG trucks on the road sooner. So my point is that the engine technology is already here with a factory warranty to back it up. Clean Energy Fuels is building fueling stations and doing contracts to supply fleets with NG. The E&P's have the conventional reserves plus the shale gas. All of the pieces are slowly coming together and I think this is going to end up being a pretty sweet deal for everybody except maybe OPEC.

    • Clean Energy Fuels (CLNE) stated on thier CC that Verizon has some NG powerd trucks coming into thier fleet. I agree it will take some time but I still believe we will see more fleets converting to NG. Rusty absolutely nailed it on electric cars.

    • LOL, they are pushing to create demand by lobbying. What you propose is just not what they do best and it is not as simple as you put it. It is hard enough for E&P companies to get capital to maintain operations and to take on something like what you propose is easier said than done. Their best bet is to lobby the gov to get full use of NG for power generation by transforming coal plants into NG plants. The CNG fuel will take foothold in due time as more fleets start taking advantage of the fuel.

    • If the ngproducers would hire a consultant to desperately give them some advice this stock would be doing much better.I am far from a consultant but know supply side economics and they should bring on the natural gas cars at cost or even subsidize them to build demand for natural gas vehicles.So slow to figure out the obvious just makes me wonder how these corporate dummies earn salary.

    • Electric cars are a pipe dream, NG cars will be the future.

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      • Can you imagine the environmental harm done by recycling / disposing of batteries from electric cars. We have to replace car batteries every few years. Those total electric cars muct need a whole row of batteries. I bet it would cost thousands of dollars to replace those batteries. Might have to preactically dismantle the cars to gain access to those batteries. It won't be like going to Advance Discount Auto Parts on a Saturday afternoon to replace a normal battery.

        I wish Congress would put our country before ALGORE and get on the bandwagon for increased NG useage instead of damning natural gas companies because the government leaders are too ignorant to understand NG firms are not the same as be "evil" big "oil companies" Congress loves to hate.

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