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  • rhdther rhdther Dec 31, 2009 2:11 PM Flag

    to shortyrainman

    On the topic of the healthcare legislation that I mentioned would be dems undoing and in response to your "watch and learn" comment, I submit the following:

    Rasmussen: Obamacare Disapproval at New High
    Rasmussen's health-care polling results since Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid orchestrated the Christmas Eve vote are full of undeniably bad news for Democrats. In roughly ascending order of bad news (if one is a Democrat)...

    Likely voters oppose Obamacare by more than the (18-point) margin by which Ronald Reagan beat Walter Mondale: 58 percent to 39 percent.

    There are far more likely voters who "strongly" oppose Obamacare (46 percent) than there are likely voters who support it even "somewhat" (39 percent).

    Only 24 percent of likely voters think that the quality of health care would get better under Obamacare, while 54 percent think it would get worse -- a gap of 30 percent.

    Only 13 percent of likely voters think that the cost of health would go down under Obamacare, while 63 percent think it would rise -- a gap of 50 percent.

    Seniors oppose Obamacare by more than 2 to 1: 63 percent to 31 percent.

    And the worst news of all for Democrats...

    Independents oppose Obamacare by the head-turning tally of 66 percent to 28 percent.

    Lest Democrats try to console themselves with the thought that perhaps Rasmussen has got it wrong, CNN's latest poll, from just a few days before the Christmas Eve vote, showed Americans opposing Obamacare by a similar tally: 56 percent to 42 percent.

    In light of these numbers -- and in light of the extreme difficulty that the Democrats had in squeezing a bill tailor-made for the House through the House, and one tailor-made for the Senate through the Senate -- anyone who thinks that either the passage or the subsequent implementation of Obamacare is anything remotely resembling inevitable, is forgetting that Tocqueville's book wasn't called Monarchy in America.

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    • It is incredible the stuff this guy makes up when he gets in over his head.

    • Socialists, liberals....

      That is what the GOP calls people who don't agree with them.
      So now you're calling me a socialist.
      I have already seen your posts calling me a liberal.
      It is amazing that people get their education entirely from TV.
      'Socialist,' 'Liberal:' key words of the GOP.

      And then these dummies say that don't even know what socialism means: unbelievable.

    • You are correct. He is just so annoying. he cannot follow an argument to save his life. All he has are liberal talking points and insults and the always present reference to Fox news. I dont even watch TV, much less Fox news. But then again, I am sure he has some liberal TV program he calims is superior.

    • Once again, IDIOT, everything you say I said in this post is a lie.
      I never claimed Bush was not responsible for anything.
      I claimed to not be able to argue about socialism on a level with one who knows a great deal about it. The mark of someone who is educated is to know when to pick a topic to argue and when not to...I know much more than you do, I am sure about that. Be careful about who you call uneducated until you have the credentials to do so. I am quite sure you have not been well-educated beyond reading blogs and the like. Your continuous links prove that.
      The point about the CIA was that, under the current administration, it, along with all other branched and agencies in charge of protecting the US have not changed a bit, yet the libs are crying about how much safer we are with Obama in charge. You have no clue what you are even arguing about. You argue with yourself.
      I am done with you.

    • What difference does that make? You continue to miss the entire point and have still not addressed anything of relevance. By the way, YOU were the most outspoken of the respondents to that GOP post that you claim has "played" everyone. I give up on you. I thought there may be some semblance of intelligence in there. Maybe some ability to think for yourself. But theres not. Simply more talking points and excuses for not addressing main points.
      The sad thing is that you represent most americans. And that is how the likes of Bush and Obama were elected.

    • This is a public message board. You are not in control of anything. You don't have to read the posts.
      Nobody has to read these posts.
      people are directing their posts to me, and I am giving my opinions.
      All of the 'political' threads are clearly identified.
      People don't have to read them.

      If you are making your investment decisions based on what people are writing on a public Yahoo message board, you are a fool.

    • Bush lied to you and America when he said that there were WMD in Iraq.
      He started 2 wars, which have bled this economy.
      People who cna't see that Bush lied to them, well what do you call those people?

    • The guy has been in office for 11 months, not 8 years.
      The executive branch is one of three equal branches of government: the executive, the legislative, and the Judicial.
      Everything can't be done in 11 months.

      First you talk about the economy and unemployment.
      You are given references that the economy is recovering and first time unemployment claims are declining for the first time in 17 months: Obama has only been in office for 11 months. Who was in office for the first 6 months of that 17? You claim that Bush and the GOP are not responsible for any of the current recession. That is pure nonsense and absolute stupidity.
      You talk about health care reform: you are shown how it promotes free market capitalism. You admit that you don't even know what socialism is: that is an admission of being very uneducated.
      You now talk about the CIA?
      Let me explain the CIA. The CIA reports to Congress, not the President. The presidient doesn't control the CIA.
      All of your posts reflect only the shallowest Fox/Faux news angle. Your posts are a reflection of the GOP party line.
      You were 'played,' get over it.

    • In case you haven't been keeping up with the current posts, the original post was a PAID GOP spam; not a regular user post.
      Check it out.
      The original post was paid propaganda from the GOP party.
      You've been 'played' again.

    • I have always been a long in CHK, never short from 2005 to 2007, and recently in 2009. I have made a good profit in CHK over the years. I am cuurently out of CHK: I was in 2 weeks ago at $22-23.
      I am a capitalist, and I like making money.
      "It takes money to make money."

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