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  • rhdther rhdther Jan 1, 2010 2:08 PM Flag

    Shortyrainmaker should Apologize

    Told you he could not answer the question. None of what he just posted makes no sense. he equates the term "redneck" to liberal? Wow! What an intellect! Then he tries to turn the argument to a black-Obama thing...incredible! He's not even good at ducking a question. Don't ever think about running for office dude. You will never make it past the first question. Gotta hone those dodging skills!

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    • Okay Shorty, let me try this again and I will answer your question first. The answer is yes. I believe there are unfortunatly some white people poor and not so poor that don't like the president because of his ethnic heritage. That way of thinking is called racism and the majority of us will call it such. It is wrong. No excuses, clear? Now, pay attention, listen carefully, I'm trying to expose a double standard. I don't hear the left of center thinkers being outraged over people being called "rednecks" but they demand justice, resignations, and new laws banning certain speech when other cultural groups are labeled in a derogatory way. Does everyone else understand my point on this? Will you apologize Shorty? Five stars please.

    • To answer a question with another question is called the 'Socratic Method.'
      That concept/method used to be taught in the 7th grade.

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