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  • MINCE38 MINCE38 Jun 30, 2011 10:40 AM Flag

    Aubrey is NOT A DISGRACE

    I agree with this last poster about preparing for hard times ahead. But didnt we all say that with even more conviction in Oct of 08 with the insane banks/mortgage bailout? So what I ask you is, when will repercussions from that hit us? Is it possible that our govt. ( with the help of some seriously big players and govt leaders) can actually keep our dollar propped up? After all, nothing is as it seems. Our dolar should have deflated 5-10x what it had done when we went off the gold standard. Why did it not and is that also another shoe waiting to drop! Has anyone ever thought why not one country has openly on public media started a media panic by saying over and over, month after month..."Why should we use US dollars anymore?" Yes they say it for a day or 2 but then some invisible force shuts them up. Who? CIA? threats of sanctions? Something very bizarre is taking place in our economy and has been for many years. In fact, the mere fact that the stock market is where it is now would have made many an expert tell you it would be impossible for the dow to be even at 8000 on todays date!!!!

    After all....things usually happen to what is in peoples interest. And too many countries are holding US dollars to ever want us to fail. I believe this includes our enemies as well!!! And I believe(as Don Corleone said in that famous Godfather summit meeting) though, that in the end, when printing dollars without much inflation as we have seen for many years actually works, the unemployment problem, and the facts that even Bill Gates says that our educational system must be fixed or we are in extremem danger....those 2 things loom over us like a black cloud and will for years to come. But for the love of God, will someone tell me this.....WHY ARE WE LETTING PEOPLE IMMIGRATE HERE WHO HAVE NO COLLEGE OR BETTER YET A DEGREE SO WE CAN MAKE UP FOR THE SAD UNDER PAR POOL OF TALENT OUR OWN LAZY KIDS ARE THE CAUSE OF! We let in Haitians and Africans who invent nothing, and in my opinion if we let Indians and asians be 90% of the immigration pool it will send a message to our own kids also to other countries that you aint gettin' here without showing us what you got! That said, the market is long overdue for a huge correction and if anyone remembers what happened when the market dropped 1000 points and recovered in one day think the next time that happens the recovery will be the same, I think they are out of their mind. That said, with a good healthy 10-12% pullback over a month would make me a more eager buyer.

    My final thought: I believe bECAUSE many big players do not want to be buying dollars yet know they still ned to put their money somewhere, are using their money to prop up our stock markets because they know there are real assetts (sadly, part of that is ownership in America acarage) which move on anything without them voting on it! And if you dont think the saudis and their allies couldnt buy 25% of 1/4 of all Dow stocks without even a yawn, you are crazy. Is this scary, or what?

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