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  • daillybread123 daillybread123 May 12, 2012 9:32 AM Flag

    Goldman knows of potential buyers?

    I'm thinking they know offers are being put together. As a lender, they'll have access to more info to determine the co. finances and economic value. Could they be positioning themselves for a bigger payday?

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    • Scott Hanold - RBC Capital Markets, LLC, Research Division

      Okay. And so I mean, the bottom line is, I guess, I'm not questioning your ability to execute on the monetizations because you've got a pretty good track record. And can you sort of give us an update then with where you are with regards to, I guess, the next few important ones, like the Permian, Mississippi and as well as the Eagle Ford VPP?

      Aubrey K. McClendon

      Yes, sure. I'll let Nick speak to the VPP, but that's in the not-too-distant future, I think. And with regard to Permian, the data room opens next Monday, our physical data room. I think the virtual data room has been opened a little bit. We have a long line of people want to be in it. It's the hottest basin in the world in all likelihood. And from our perspective, it's just not a place we were ever going to be #1 or #2. And I think when all the dust settles here and you look at the company, what do we want to achieve, and we want to achieve the best returns in the business. And to do that, I think you've got to be the best at what you do. And for us, that's going to be, to be #1 and #2 in 11 of the most important plays in the nation after we sell the Permian. So the Permian will get bought either in 3 packages, a group of 3 packages, or individually in those 3 packages. And there will be companies that either want to establish a presence in that basin or who want to solidify that. So we hope to have an announcement there in the first part of the third quarter and to get it closed in the third quarter. The Miss Lime data rooms have been open now for several weeks. And I'm pleased with the interest that we see in that asset and look forward to announcing that as well. That will probably happen, I would think, before the Permian. Nick, do you want to add anything on the VPP

    • Hopefully. The PR I read was that it was an unsecured loan. Guess the int. rate is astronomical. Good Luck in all your trades.

    • Lender will not make a loan if they know it will not be repaid. The loan is to give CHK better bargain on the assets sale for a higher price. GS has a cut of it.

    • Goldman may have traded a loan secured for higher acquisition fee's. If Goldman can orchestrate a bidding war between Chevron and Exxon, the fee will make 8.5% on $3b look like peanuts. If you don't think Exxon would want to block Chevron from acquiring 20Tcfe of proved and 300Tcfe of potential resource at 1/4 of the XTO cost? Also the HUGE resource at play would catapult a company like Occedintal into a new level. Stay tuned!

    • Probably more like they know these specific assets will be sold so either way. They know they will get their money back with interest no matter what.

    • sure Goldman sharks want the high profit investment banking fees with major transactions.

      No doubt IBs at Goldman are making plenty of calls right now.

      The bigger the sale the more fees to them.

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