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  • carciofo60 carciofo60 Aug 20, 2012 8:44 PM Flag

    Impact of 2012 election on CHK?

    I hold a significan position in CHK. I feel our current president has little regard for American's energy businesses, including oil and gas. He's been particularly hard on the coal industry which in my opinion has a future if the right clean coal technologies can be utilized. Without making this a political blog what is the impact of another Obama presidential term on CHK? I would appreciate comments from CHK employees, too.

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    • I appreciate everyone's comments and thoughts. Most helpful...

    • For an indication watch the market. When the poles show Romney in the lead it goes up. The opposite for Obama. An Obama win would change this country for decades.

    • If you want to know the future look at the past..1 st .Obama is not going to hold hands with the oil industry..Bush already did that.. 2 Obama is and has been for more Nat Gas use in this country... Contrary to what many on this board have been saying.. He mentioned it numerous times.. 3. I suggest you look back at how the congress and senate vote the Nat Gas bill ...It came up 3 times while Obama was in office..Guess what..The republican held Congress voted it down 3 times ,including Republicans from my state.. PA... The reason my Congressman gave me was they didn't want to spend the money because of the deficit .. Turns out he lied..It was not spending bill ,it was a tax Break for those willing to invest in an expensive proposition ..The real reason is they all got together to make Obama's Presidency a nightmare so he wont get reelected ..They are still at it... So if Congress doesn't change and Obama wins your looking at no help for the gas industry... On the other hand they seem to be doing it on their own.. Building infrastructure ,ect... The most important thing I see going on is the cut backs are working and I believe Nat gas will be at least 4.50 by mid Jan.. I would also watch Westport for sales of hybrid engines sales...
      I hope I didn't get to political on the subject...GL

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      • No dmorgan, everything Obama has said about NG is just lip service, surely you've been around long enough to know that is just election year talk.

        If you want Obama's real feelings on fossil fuels, just look at the multitude of Fed agencies stickin their nose into hyd fracing.

        The lastest has been the Dept of Transportation, who is now forcing oil field truckers to the same rules they apply to long haul truckers, no matter the oil field trucker is sitting on location for hours and hours.

        Then there's US Fish and Wildlife, Dept of Interior, obviously EPA , etc ......... the list is so long, I've forgotten them all.

        If you are long CHK and you voting Obama, then man, while you might be very savvy about the market, you naive about politics.

      • Navistar (NAV) is another natural gas engine company to watch. It's the way of the future but the Timing is everything.

        CHK's timing is great at this time.

        CHK, BP and line have all been paying off Sweet.

    • Not a CEO of an oil company in America who wants Obama to get four more years.

      While he's moderated his talk toward the oil/gas industry in this election year, he's still siccing all his Federal beauracrats on the industry , from every angle.

      And it will only gets worse, once he's won in November and no longer will run for re-election. All of his buddies like James Hansen and Bill McKibbon, will run roughshod over fossil fuel production, to the extent allowed by Congress.

      I'm highly suspicious of how he delayed major decisions like regulating hyd fracing and the KeystoneXL, until AFTER November. He's dragged his feet and done everything he can to put it off.

      Overall, I don't dislike Obama, but he's death for the oil/gas industry.

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