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  • usa_concerned.citizen usa_concerned.citizen Oct 15, 2012 7:52 AM Flag

    obama totally DESTROY'S Milwaukee--Chicago the murder capitol of the world.

    Milwaukee is reporting that home foreclosures have toped 20,000 during the past four years. Homeowners in the region are being forced out of their homes ---trend is still continuing. With no claim to a residence the voter registration numbers are plummeting in these heavily democratic areas.

    Foreclosure remains a huge problem in Milwaukee and continues to be a fiscal drag on the city. As of last month, there were 2,329 bank- and city-owned foreclosures. And there are an estimated 4,300 properties where a foreclosure action has been initiated, but a sheriff's sale has not occurred.

    The problem has been most severe for the past four years. Between 2008 and 2012, there were more than 20,000 foreclosure actions initiated against properties in Milwaukee. City officials estimate that about half of those end up going to a sheriff's sale.

    And sometimes, in places such as the home on N. 69th St., there is crime. From January through May of this year, police responded to 287 incidents at vacant properties, an increase of 32.3% over the same period a year before. Most incidents involved burglary, but dozens of fires were reported, too.

    When homes are left vacant, like the small gray home on N. 69th St., somebody has to go out to the home to check on complaints about broken windows, places stripped of plumbing, water in the basement or squatters. It might be the city's Department of Neighborhood Ser vices, or it might be police.

    "If you look at changes in burglary statistics, a lot of that is attributable to burglaries at abandoned houses where copper pipes or metals of value are taken," said Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. "It has an impact on property values. It puts tremendous pressure on the Department of Neighborhood Services. We have to have people go out and re-evaluate the property."

    "Depending on who owns it, the lack of maintenance and repair can also have a negative influence on the homes nearby," added Maria Prioletta, a top official at the city's Department of City Development.

    Art Dahlberg, commissioner of the city's Department of Neighborhood Services, says abandoned homes create a haven for illegal activity.

    "It can become a place for people who have no place to live," he said.

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    • Tell me all about it! My father still lives in this constantly declining city. Unemployment is extremely high, especially in the African American population. Everyone seems to be living on rent subsidies, food stamps, energy credits, and drug trafficking. In my father's area, there seems to be a drug trafficker on every block. Burglaries are a constant everyday occurrence in most areas of the city. Police response time is usually two to four hours unless it is a gun call. Plenty of illegal Mexicans are everywhere, performing any odd jobs that would ordinarily be available to the unemployed. Illegals don't just perform odd jobs. They are doing the roofing, and building construction jobs - remodeling when and if they become available. The city is run by lefties who would gladly heavily tax and promote unionization of any business that would be stupid enough to set up shop in Milwaukee. This heavily democratic city will probably burn in the not too distant future, just like all the other socialist rat hole cities in this country. Voters say; I'll vote for Obama because he gave me a free Obama phone!

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