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  • harrytcpw Feb 11, 2014 5:17 PM Flag

    trading the chart pattern off the 200d again


    the 36 million share low OFF THE 200D AGAIN an another test of the low on another 15 million, an bounce,,,,,, follows the same trading pattern at the top before it drops,,,an hopefully marking the low just under 24 on 36 million shares plus 15 million,, before we pop to over 26 plus at some point,,,,,,,,,, Hopefully it follows its pattern an gets above the 50d which is above 26,, worst case might be 23 plus if we get blind sighted on a news event again, i wonder what the real value of this stock is if all the pieces to the puzzel falls into place,, their pushing a serious amount of BOE per day now, i dont mind a lower price to add an dont mind if we get above 26 also,, ready to add if we get hit,, my cost is 24.20,, FIGURED MY RISK IS 23 BUCKS,, dont mind this risk reward senario longterm,, atleast this stock has, nice action everyday for trading also

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