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  • d_fens_usa d_fens_usa Apr 9, 2005 12:49 AM Flag


    AIG is a great franchise. Inept/corrupt management cannot destroy great franchises (read the book "The Warren Buffet Way"). But go ahead and be a Jim Cramer sheep, and cry when AIG is trading at $150 a share three years from now.

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    • Please grow a brain. Insurance companies with plenty of cash never go under. NEVER.

    • There is no light at the end of the tunnel , you're very optimistic, at the end of the AIG tunnel there is an enormous black hole.

      When all the smart money has left, watch the shares dive big time.

      It's not if it will happen , the only question now is when it will happen.

    • [You people are so stupid...Always buying when things are skyrocketing, and selling when things are in the dumper. I've seen it with Tyco, Colgate-Palmolive, General Dynamics, and now AIG.]

      If you bought Tyco down 30% after it started breaking, you would be down 20% on that investment today, 3 years later.

      AIG is down about 30% right now, and a comparison to TYC is not the worst case scenario. AIG is not cheap, even without any of the issues that got us here. The stock has historically traded at a premium to its peers due to its leadership position- I would find it unlikely if that premium comes back to the stock any time soon, the name has been tarnished and at the least we will see a moderate decline in earnings (both past and forward) and a decline in assets. The other two stocks you mentioned didn't have the problems or uncertainty in the same ballpark as AIG. And finally, the market doesn't like uncertainty, if you expect these problems to clear up within the next month I think you're crazy.

      Why wouldn't you at least wait until you can see the light at the end of the tunnel before diving into this stock? Who's the stupid one here?

    • d fens usa you are dumber than i thought. AIG is another Enron, Worldcom, Arthur Anderson, on and on... You are in denial and hoping... That is even a surer sign to sell this piece of garbage.

    • You people are so stupid. Always buying when things are skyrocketing, and selling when things are in the dumper. I've seen it with Tyco, Colgate-Palmolive, General Dynamics, and now AIG. To make money you need to do the opposite. Watch when AIG begins to trade in the high 80's, then all the sheep will jump back on the AIG bandwagon... having already missed out on 30+ points. Happens everytime.

    • hey I am thinking about buying a stock...
      oh here is one AIG, they only have accounting problems, inflated their net worth by 1.7 BILLION DOLLARS, and are being invesigated by the SEC among others, yeah this stock sounds like a great buy!! Now who is really the RETARDED ONE here huh??

    • How may shares did you buy today? you and cramer are morons!

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