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  • pussy_commodity1 pussy_commodity1 Oct 1, 2005 7:39 PM Flag

    But what is the fair market value of


    The pussy commodity? It depends on the woman swinging it. Before we fuck. I am gonna tell you all my political views over a long diner that you will be paying for. You will pretend to give a shit the whole time or you don't get any of the PC. Like actors that use their celebrity to spam us with their opinions the great swingers of the pussy commodity <PC> use their clam to get ahead. They shave their clam, spruce it up and sometimes add the window dressing of heels and lingerie if the pussy commodoty is a hard sell. Many men will take the commodity as is and just dim the lights.

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    • Hi Julia

      nice to meet to meet another strong pussy. You understand I'm sure.

    • I'm being facetious of course.

      Hate, the kind Hefty sometimes spews as a right of speech is tolerable, if one remembers the reasons and the foundations this country was founded on. It seems to be liberal bullshit but it boils down to...freedom. Freedom to speak out for what you believe.

      Speech is an outlet that allows us to be heard. Pricks and pussies, whites and black, chicanos and asians, jews and catholics, etc etc....We are so blessed to live in a nation that values diversity and understands the future lies trying to allow access to the things that will bring us prosperity.

      So go Hefty...with my blessings. I never have to agree and that's my right. Opinions and worldviews are to be shared. It's what makes this country great and strong and I understand that this ideal doesn't make our behavior perfect. However it does give us the freedom to be critics.

    • you are the devil and monkeys will fly out of your pussy. SHE_DEVIL you are evil. I will personally stick my tiny weenie in your mouth and try not to cum. ooohh but my daddy says woman is bad and I can't find any satisfaction unless i humuliate you first.

      however if i humiliate you then you are a ho and i am impotent so please act you love me so i get off while realizing that you really dont give a shit

      pussy commodity rules

    • julia - think of the internet as the "wild west" without the heroes....anonymity breeds corruption of the roughest sort so the narcisisstic personality disorder rules.

      psychology/sociology hasn't caught up and technology has given these sociopaths a broader venue.


    • Thanks for your support on this male women bashing "Board". You are a great Mom, and I would like to know you more. I take my mother/ Psychologist role very seriously, and I've reached a point in my life where "I tell it like it is". I am always asked to work, even though I'm very direct, but kind and supportive to parents and when I evaluate kids look at how they can be most successful. This topic is so far off the topic for here we will be " On Ignore"

      Perhaps I'll hear from you tomorrow.

      . I look for their best sk

    • hi Julia

      I lived for a while in Chelmford MA...shopped in NH because it was cheaper tax-wise for clothing and groceries.

      you rock just being here. I dont care if you hate niggers or

    • HA!

      Hefty...monkeybabies? Now should I deal with MILF reference?

      At least I dont pretend to be guy...LOL!

    • no...i couldnt have monkey babies not genetically quite close enough. nice try to slam my sarcasm though impotent one

    • A female would likely not write such an angry post about women, so someone has probably changed his identity.

    • Moms I'd Like to Fuck= MILF. It was even on ER last night. lol!

      and changed to DILF=Doctors I'd Like to Fuck

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