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  • factfinder7 factfinder7 Sep 16, 2008 10:26 AM Flag

    Out of the Box Thinking: IBM Buys AIG?

    IBM could pick up AIG for $5.00 a share ( in IBM stock ),

    Use IBM's AAA rating to reduce need for collateral for CDS's.

    AIG instantly solvent, IBM has time to sell the parts of AIG it doesn't want.

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    • Those GD derivatives do nothing for capital formation.
      They don't create employment, they don't help find a cure for cancer. The crap is sold as insurance but the salesman is the devil in a casino.

      There are two sides to a derivatives contract. Losses are unlimited when the swing goes against you.

      Who has the other side of the AIG contracts?

      I will give you 100:1 odds it ain't OBL.

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