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  • mashiach Sep 21, 2008 9:21 PM Flag

    THANK YOU WSJ...WSJ-Shareholders Plan to Overturn Fed Bailout.. THANK YOU GOD......

    well for stock that was $70 few months ago? IMHO $6.5 is a BARGIN

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    • Well, $6.50 per share is about $13 billion so somebody needs to have some money.

    • Sounds like a done deal to me personally. Now that outright panic and meltdown is averted and the government actually stands to make a profit instead of private hands making a profit, the deal may get done, nice to see greed has come back to the market as a driving force instead of fear.

      MMMM Profit, no way government shouuld ever make a profit its just not right it must be handed over to private corporate interests to be made by them alone ahahaha. We can't possibly allow the Govt to make money its downright unamerican, now that greedy buyers are back(they were so fearful they were nonexistent last week) and the RTC smells of potential profits once again to fulfil their greedy appetite the buyers will most likely lineup to steal their pound of flesh. No way govt should be allowed to get 80% of a sweetheart deal, time for them to give back the 85 billion, perhaps get out of any interest payable even or the 15 billion the govt already made on the move, nope thats the piece of the pie that the new money will be chasing to justify the "purchase". America by the corporation, for the corporation and by the corporation, typical. Govt should ask for the 15 billion in profit too but will be happy to give it all up to get this off their balance sheet after effectively creating confidence in the privateers profit motive and end goal once again, happy days are here again perhaps, least we will be seeing BUY BUY BUY mentalility for AIG again. SOunded too good to be true that US might turn a profit and own 80% of the biggest insurance company in the world(a nice thing to have LONG TERM after the panic subsided).

      Too funny it didn't even last a week before they came running back, hand over the profit from the gains created by your undertaking of 85 billion in risk when the system collapse was immenent and it was high stakes poker. Now that the risk is reduced by your own actions and WORK hand over all compensation for it to the rich : ) Why else would someone forego 22 million unless he had a backroom deal that would pay him even more to make things look good for Joe Public : ) Same old america if you ask me, rich get richer and poor taxpayers get poorer, GJ happy days are here again : )

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