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  • georgespelvin Sep 23, 2008 10:29 AM Flag

    Management Via Crisis

    I would also like to point out that the only achievements of this administration, for good or bad, were accomplished through the presentation to the Congress and public of CRISIS, and in both cases we were told to suspend disbelief and the national survival depended on swift action, that naysayers were anti-American, unpatriotic and uncomprehending.

    911 was perpetrated by 17 Saudi Arabiatns, many of whom had been tracked by the various agencies. A female FBI agent in Minnesota was actually written up and transferred for pestering her superiors that a bunch of Arabs were taking flying lessons in 747 simulators and were only practicing taking off but not landing. I read every single page of the 911 Commission Report and it was a tome that refused to connect all the dots it presented.

    Iraq in fact had no weapons of mass destruction and for anyone who knows history, Hussein was backed by the United States (Ronald Reagan, among others) exactly for the purpose of fighting Islamic extremism. He was our prick that was supposed to help neutralize Ayatollah Khomeni, of Iran.

    Ronald Reagan dropped one bomb on the tent of Mummar Qhadaffi, killing his 4 year old son, and not much was heard from him again.

    George Bush has made a crater out of a whole country while letting Usamqa bin Laden go and making deals with Afghanistan to let them keep planting heroin poppies that decimate our cities. In this he is not alone. Almost every president in the latter half of the twentiethh century has chosen to fight the war on drugs by arresting poor urban black addicts and dealers rather than bombing the drug fields owned by the potentates our leaders conspire with.

    This financial crisis is again a situation in which we are being told to suspend our disbelief, our critical faculties, and go along with the plan or risk the whole house of cards coming down.

    To Part 2 of diatribe

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    • georgespelvin Sep 23, 2008 10:32 AM Flag

      Part 2 of diatribe

      I cannot think of one reign that "had so much bad luck". It is not bad luck. It is a solipsistic lack of concern for others.

      In my opinion George Bush is a wildly imaginitve child, a pre-adolescent mind, a child who never achieved a single thing, a person who was born on third base and has convicnced only himself that he had hit a triple. Listening to this man make his way through a sentetnce is painful. And watching him hide behind the grownups he surrounds himself with is as painful.

      The truth cannot be proved to those who do not want to see it. The truth can be distinguished from a lie because a lie always has that extra and gratuitous twist of verisimilude that the messy truth does not have.

      Bush is no longer even talking to us. He is reading these speeches like a junior high school kid anxious to get off the stage. He is a wreck, a failure, and he knows it, and history will not redeem him. Even if it turns out that every man, woman and child in Iraq are members of Al Qaeda. this is a man whose metaphor for life is WAR. Everything is a war.

      He is a war. He sees war. Dead or alive is his stupid metaphor.

      The irony is that the people he hurts the most are the people who misguidedly follow him into war, lose their limbs, their minds, their lives. All because they buy into the concept of "the enemy".

      The concept of "the enemy" is not new. Read Giuseppe Gentile who defined fascism for Benito Mussolini.

      George Bush is a fascist tool, not even smart enough to know it. He is being used. And in doing so is using us.

      Sorry for the rant. I am not uneducated in these matters.

      I am a businessman. I spent four years in the military 1966 - 1970. I have children. I am America as much as the poor slobs who are losing their lives in this worthless and despicable war and as much as the poor victims of phone solicitors calling them up and trying to sell them on variable rate mortgages.

      I cannot think of a person I know who would make a worse president than this man.

      What does this have to do with AIG? Everything. It is just not contiguous to it.

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