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  • kalv777 kalv777 Oct 12, 2008 1:08 PM Flag

    Obama gives ACORN $800K..they commit Voter Fraud

    I have hang out with blacks and dated. But what happened in the past, I was not born during that time or remember some of its past. I study black history in schools, just like any other history. I don't care to learn or read about white American history, or some other ethnic or religion. If I have to read about black history then, I should also read about the Jewish, or the Catholics because they were all treated unfairly some time in the past. Have you study about Japanese in America during WW11. US put them in prisons. Or have you read about Indian and their poverty. Or the Asian who arrived in America and how they were treated by whites. So to be fair to black, I need to be fair in my view and read about all other ethnic groups, then it would be fair because the black and white are not the only two groups.

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