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  • mickeyd139 mickeyd139 Oct 27, 2008 4:18 PM Flag

    Electing Obama ISN'T getting even with George Bush

    I think a lot of people are voting for Obama out of hate for Bush but if Obama wins everyone loses, democrats and republicans. To be a good President you have to love this Country and what it stands for. I see NOTHING in Obama's past to indicate any love or even respect for this country from the hateful god damn America sermons he listened to for 20 years, the terrorist he has associate with, the refusal to respect the American flag and the fact he has supports voter scam. Now he support gun control and anyone with half a brain knows the criminals will always get guns but the law obeying home owner won't be able to. He calims he won't raise our tax rate but he already has plans to take our 401K tax deduction away which could mean thousands in extra income taxes for those putting in the max. A vote for Obama isn't hurting Bush, it's hurting yourself, your kids and your grandkids and taking the right to protect yourself away. Vote with your head and not your anger.

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    • Please post information relevent to the stock. I am tired of reading posts from cranky old men. Obama won, get over it!! ...and no i didnt vote for him. If he tries to pull any crap in office then the results will be his own fault. Remember...white america voted him in and it is white america that will remove him if he pulls to hard to either side.

    • They are burning down the country and pissing on the ashes...

    • I think it reasonable to say that there are truly some leftist, socialist, marxist posters on this board. These often are those that think themselves "Americans" yet truly hate this country.

      They also believe that America is the problem and that we should be more concerned about what other people and countries think about us, than the safety of our own country. For those of you having this mindset, you do have an option. You may leave this country of your own free will. Perhaps you would be better off in another country that holds views closer to your own. Canada is close by, and the cost to fly to Europe or the Middle east is not too great. Your hatred for George Bush has consumed you to the point that you are no longer rational. Perhaps psychiatric help is needed? Electing a socialist will not solve your problems. It will only compound them.

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      • I give you 5 Stars for that comment. I argee 100% with your premis that there are a great deal of Marxist wanabe's here. Although I don't belive they would classify themselves as Marxists because they are simply products of our failed Public School system that has been overun by Liberals. It is only when they get out into the real world and start to earn an income do they start to turn around.
        Our populous has been fed a steady diet of socialism for decades and has an entitlement mentality coupled with a heavy dose of "Keep up with the Joneses" and washed over with a huge amount of class envy.
        The left just keeps feeding the idiots the same dosage of tripe and the idiots keep wanting more but want you and I to pay for it.

    • You said it right you think Georhge loved this country?

      Wake up!

    • You failed to mention that Osama Obama intends to allow the "Bush" tax cuts to expire. That alone is tantamount to a tax increase of at least 5% for anyone that has earned income. This alone coupled with Osama Obama's capitol gains increase and the reinstitution of inheritance tax will be devastating to economic growth. But then again, Osama Obama laments that the Supreme court didn't somehow institute a redistribution program. However Osama Obama will try to mandate a redistribution of wealth program through executive orders mandating changes in tax law. Osama Obama is nothing more or nothing less than a Marxist.

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      • Dumb post. If you rely on UTUBE for info, you're pretty uninformed. You can get Blog support for any point of view. It's truly sad to find so many , like you, who don't want to look at issues, continue to give uninformed "rants". Not to mention this is a Stock Board, not a political vehicle.
        Just describing him, as Osama, reveals your prejudice/bias. This is a perilous time for the US. I don't care too much about my AIG losses. I won't starve. There are so many vulnerable people in the US who will starve, and can't heat their homes, with lost jobs. This post will likely be ignored by someone as biased as you. Maybe you should consider ethics. Look this concept up !!

      • Hey stupid lady,

        most economists agree that the bush tax cuts were devistating to our economy when he announced them. as we are seeing now, those tax cuts are hurting our country becaus as a country we are broke thanks to bush.

        any person with common sense knows that the bush tax cuts should be allowed to die just like the gop.

    • McSame = Bush.

      Wake up sheeple. Bush was the worst President in U.S. history. The worst!


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