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  • gentleman0914 gentleman0914 Nov 5, 2008 12:30 AM Flag

    Are all republicans racists?



    This topic is deleted.
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    • NO, we're not. The yahoos that post ignorant junk on this board are an embarassment.

    • Look im not republican or democrat but when 96% of blacks voted for obama. dont you think thats kinda racist. i voted for john m. because his resume was alot better then obama TWO years in office. that b.s.. black people are the most racist in the world but when white people say one thing bad "oh no your racist". how come theres ALL BLACK colleges, why not ALL WHITE, ill tell you why because THATS RACIST. lol enjoy yor BET because if we had W E T , thats racist!

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      • Wow you're retarded. It's not about racism. Did they vote for him because he's black? Of course it was part of their decision, but it's because they voted for someone who would finally represent them, because there's never been any president who wasn't white. Ever. So it was a vote more to show that it's possible for a black person to win, to really matter. Not because they hate whites, or only support black people, but because it represented a new era where little children everywhere would no longer feel that only old white guys could be president, where most well known successful people with your skin color are only entertainers or atheletes.

        Your example of a WET shows exactly why you don't get it, the reason why BET exists is because blacks didn't (and still don't really) get any real representation of their interests on the major networks. It's pointless to have a WET when there are plenty of sitcoms filled with white people, about white families, etc. And BET doesn't explicitly exclude other ethnicities from it's programming. Now, if all TV networks had plenty of TV shows that represented black american life, and BET insisted on only allowing black entertainers on their channel, then it really would be racist. But neither is the case. If you fail to see the difference you're really beyond hope.

        Now, if the major networks had similar content to BET and BET only allowed black people to appear on it, then that WOULD be racist. Since neither of these things are true, your example is just indicative of how you have no idea what racism is.

        And anyways, WET is CBS, ABC, NBC, and FOX, not a single one of which has a sitcom or drama about a black family even though blacks make up 14% of the US population. Sure there are black characters on shows which is better than it used to be, but not a single show on these networks actually has a black family or a black group of friends as it's focus. So why is it so hard for you to understand why BET exists? Maybe people want to watch comedies about families like their own. It doesn't mean they hate white people or think black people are superior to other people, it just means they want jokes they can relate to and characters that remind them of people they know.

        Quite frankly, you're a racist idiot.

      • <<<Look im not republican or democrat but when 96% of blacks voted for obama. dont you think thats kinda racist. !>>>

        I am not Black American but I agree with moron like you. Yes indeed Black are racist see all these years they voted for all the White Democrate presidents. Yes indeed they are racist because they voted to elect George Wallace governer of Alabama same George wallace who block the door when black student try to enter white school. GROW UP MORON.

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