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  • hrtmb hrtmb Mar 15, 2009 9:59 PM Flag

    List of names receiving bonuses

    should be plastered on one full page of the New York Times.

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    • do you know if their homes are immune to petrobombs, cause some pissed off dude may go pschyo

    • The Admiral is not from the "insurance" industry, but is most pissed about what goes on at AIG...have you guys/gals no shame? I hope you have to return every penny of the $1Bil. Learn how to run your company and make $$$ and then you can get your bonus $$$...that is after you repay the $180Bil you got from Uncle Sam to stay afloat.

      The Admiral
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      Embattled insurer AIG, which has received three government bailouts totaling $180 billion, had promised to pay about $1 billion in retention bonuses over a period of several years, half of which has already been paid.

      About half of the $1 billion was due to be paid to staff of AIG's main insurance businesses and the rest to employees of the largely unregulated AIG Financial Products.

      AIG Financial Products was the unit that made bad bets on toxic mortgages and credit default swap contracts that led to the company's near collapse.

      According to company documents obtained by Reuters on Saturday, the financial products unit is obligated to pay $220 million in employee retention payments for 2008, $55 million of which were paid in December and $165 million required to be paid by Sunday.

    • with their addresses and phone numbers! Shameful!

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