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  • boar292hog boar292hog Mar 29, 2009 6:09 PM Flag

    AIG spells protectionism...

    granted AIG is a huge company with veins running through nearly every nations finance/insurance to some degree. Is this really a reason to BAIL OUT AIG? What about the competition that would gladly clean up and sift through the ashes after AIG melted down? Ones bankruptcy/meltdown/downfall usually gives rise to anothers business victory.
    I guess we had better stop talking the talk when it comes to free markets and capitalism since we can't walk the walk.
    Add to this debacle, the lunatic Congress sticking its own stickey fingers into this situation and we have the chemical make-up of an even more volatile process with a more than likely badly blemished outcome.
    Look for hyper-inflation at some point down the road because there is little chance we can grow out of this debt and taxing our way out, well taxing has never worked and never will. Taxing is nothing more than control, it has little to do with meaningful debt management. Of course, the dumbo-demos think they have an inside track on taxation! LOL ! Oh well, assets is the name of the game because this time around, what you have will count as we reset our entire economy back to zero.

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    • AIG got so much greed that it started insuring every one on the planet and started collecting pennies as premium.

      When everyone is claiming their policy, it is being bailed out by the government with US tax payers' money.

    • There is one more big slap in the face coming from AIG , they are setting up AIU to parachute out with all the assets and leave AIG and it's debt to Uncle Sam. Insiders are starting to sell as of March 16 even tho stock is rising, they paid their debts in full to the banks and didn;t even negotiate, they paid 100% on the dollar to all the banks, they could have offerred much less but did not,,,WHY ,so they will jump on board with AIU ---THE FINAL SLAP IN THE FACE!!!

    • dont kid yourself every country invokes some sort of protectionist measures to secure key industries....the thing with aig to remember is this....

      it is too intertwined with other segments of the economy and its destruction would send a ripple of doubt, default and economic hardships...

      second... aig is the worlds largest insurer that pretty much has its hands in everything, having said that was and will remain to be the global standard and THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT it is AMERICAN owned and controlled...if AIG was to fold then expect a large foreign insurer to eventually fill the vacuum....and that is something the United States government would never want to see...

      would you rather see the chinese control values and insure american assets whether real or intangible????

      dont kid yourselves this is about control...AIG will not go under

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      • Victorshesn, great points. I understand the desired outcome regarding our own future etc. Despite this, i am not sure the outcome will end up getting us the results we want/need. Confidence has already eroded at the retail levels. the pro's are trading, not buying. Foreignors are buying treasuries, and China is already throwing its weight around by seeding the infield with notions of a new international trading/(monetary standard) currency.
        There is much more at stake here than the economy, of course, and that is China's all or nothing approach to world dominance. Dominance in every aspect, not just economical!
        I hope I am wrong but I don't see how pro-longing the pain in hopes of recovery is better medicine than taking the loses and starting the healing process the next day.
        It seems we have buried ourselves in the hope that we will either out grow this debt or tax it back under control ( which doesn't work!). of course the other solution is ye ole Weimer bond scenario, hyper-inflation.
        So in the end, I suppose one has to measure which gives us more control over our own healing process: 1)letting the AIGs die on the vine and salvaging what is left; or, 2) hyperinflation like never before!
        This is where my concern lies, except for who is holding the cards when the game is over, I see the same amount of pain going around in the end anyways when it comes to the average american which in itself brings on a whole new set of concerns/outcomes/possibilities.
        Not sure we are crafting the best outcome at this point, guess we'll see!

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