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  • jacksonmj69 jacksonmj69 Jul 17, 2009 11:30 PM Flag

    New Targets for AIG, Top 5 Stocks with high $$


    High price target of $24. Once these stocks get onto the top 5 list, they almost always double in a short period!

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    • How much of AIG does the "US government" own because it could not back up it's insurance on "credit default swaps"?

      Let's see it start making profit!!

      Until then I would not buy this stock!!

    • You do realize this has gone down every day since you told everyone how great it is, right?

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      • OK time to get serious here about AIG. I have been around here since last August/September. The company had been driven down into the basement and we were popping around 2 to 4 bucks a share then we went south then came the bail out then came liddy then came greenberg then came bush them came tarp then came more funds then came change all the time like a yo yo up and down up and down. I sold and made some money not enough because I was a dupe and held too long until I got smart and sold often in the morning when it was high and buy late when it went low. We all though some assets would sell and they would pay back the loan and get back the 80% government ownership and we would all be set but it never happened and what we got was a reverse split so when it hits perhaps $4 maybe $3 bucks I will get back in again and see where it is going. I really expected this stock to be $10 to $15 a share by now as did many others at the time but without a reverse split. Now we have sold many assets that were undervalued so the funds were not sufficient to repay the gov and now we don't know what kind of revenue it can generate from what will be left. Maybe not enough and it will be over or perhaps just enough to hold on and rebuild a much smaller company. Liddy I am certain can't wait to get the fk out the way he was treated by the queers in government who caused the whole mess in the first place and put him in there and then attempted to use him as a scapegoat. Then through Greenberg we learned about cdo's and cds's and we learned about counter parties and we learned that Hank Paulson remember Hank who told Bush and Congress aig only needed 65 billion tomorrow then $85 and the government would get 79% of the trillion dollars company plus interest everything would be peachy and it wasn't and then we learned about the UK division AIA or what ever the fk it is and we learned that AIG was saying fuk U to the government and it didn't want to say how it used the taxpayers money and then we found that the money went in the front door and out the back to the EU and Goldman and Goldman got about ten billion and changed their status so they could get tarp money too and then they paid back the tarp money but not the Aig money and the EU and Arabs and Chinese said fuk this sht and they wanted their fking money back too and they got it and we learned that bernanke and geithner were all on the board of Goldman sackofshit and it becomes very clear that this was the biggest heist in the history of the world and the bonuses and the French ceos that were going to quit and it would cost AIG even more and they stayed and now we have Mr. marbles in the white house and the saga goes on. So there you have it. It's a great buy at .45 a share you can pump and dump but not at $13 unless you got some giant balls people male or female.
        Any questions first gen camaro he understands it all a lot better than I do because I just thought back in September that AIG at 3 bucks was a great deal a sure money bet. I was wrong and there is more dirty laundry. Oh and Star you know Greenberg's company had a fund with millions of shares that was to pay employees bonus money when they leave the company. There that about sums it up now lets go back to religion and politics and Mr.Marbles in the White House all much less complicated subjects while the roulette wheel turns.

    • Let me know if EOD will be a good entry point,I think so.

    • WOW.. Thank yoy SO much. I didn' know what to do, until I got this "upgrade" !! thanks!

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