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  • mihir_java mihir_java Sep 6, 2009 11:37 AM Flag

    "AIG stock worth $0" I been hearing this for last 10 months

    My prediction based on the following reasons is DOWN..
    Open = 38ish, Close below $35.

    (1) New CEO is not GOD, whenever new member join in the team they try to show their existence, how come he can make any statement, his statement was he was planning to pay out all Govt money! but he didn't say when!
    (2) The couple of days from then, he said, his assets are not worth in the current market , may be worth after 6 - 10 years, by that time he may be there with AIG as CEO!
    (3) He don't know what he is doing, changing statements in 2 days is not good sign.
    (4) Barron's and all other analyst including MadMoney / FastMoney / Moody has junk rating on AIG
    (5) Why..can some one explains me why needs to bet on junk stocks which can be up $4 a day and down $8 per day!!
    (6) Friday, market was up 100 pts but AIG was down 4.5%, in after hours also it was down another 33 cents which is telling us that it's down trend just started, so don't hope to see it's $55 in 2009 year!

    I am not holding AIG but I don't want to buy this stock due the the reasons mentioned above.

    Correct me if I am wrong.

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    • I'm amazed that after our financial melt down that you still would believe these so called stock analysts. They all have an agenda that is not for the public interest. If you or other feel AIG is worthless, put your money where you mouth and short the stock with all your worth. Put up or shut up.

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