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  • piezodude piezodude Nov 1, 2009 11:16 AM Flag

    Not trusting Barron's

    stock down from 1500

    already fell from 50

    trading at 36 or so

    now its way overpriced?

    Look at their revenue or the last quarter's earnings
    Now look at the market cap

    could go to $100 in a flash?

    I ain't shorting it.

    Barron's is a waste of time to read, sometimes. Stick with your own ideas. The same article has Goog, AAPL, YHOO< and AMZN as overpriced. Not following Goog or Yahoo, but aaple and amzn's earnings and revenue growths were sort of amazing, especially considering a recession. Yes they have high PE's and high market caps, but will they sell off; they already did! AMZN hit 125. I last saw it at 118. Late to the party.

    Same with the general idea you get from the editor types. SP500 at 1100 was the short, but now its at 1040 or whatever it is. Is it a short now, maybe certain stocks, but late to the party.

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