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  • investor_net_worthy1 investor_net_worthy1 Nov 3, 2009 3:31 AM Flag

    Exit plan for US on AIG

    My guess is they are doing what they can to prop up the company and its earnings, price target for stock to reach $70 to $100, prop up AIG to raise capital from the markets, pay back the government with investors funds, not have to sell major insurance units/go on to make money.

    I believe this is why its trading in the 30s and 40s because there is an exit plan and if the stock was in the 10s the market would have seen AIG as a dead stock and been offering to buy at fire sale prices their units/tax payers assets which isnt what the government wants nor AIG, as it has been stated.

    If they come up with solid earnings and a nice statement, over $4 a share the stock is likely to head up in the 50s in my opinion.

    Earnings over $4.00 has been pre announced and in my opinion CS did that not to be caught with their shoe in their mouth after downgrading it last month, their analyst trying to maintain some integrity by throwing numbers and estimates last minute, lets see how it goes, (bold move on the last minute by CS by the way).

    HIG is reporting today, if numbers are good we could have a sector move up.

    Good day!

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    • Yeah, AIG to go up from here. BUY BUY BUY!
      Hussein Obama to get price in excess of $100 with $5 divi paid monthly! BUY BUY BUY......
      Oh, yeahhhh!

    • pum up actual earing of 100 billion or foist 80 of stock for 100 b? lol

      • 1 Reply to osofskyc
      • Earnings could be 500 M or 1 billion or 1.5 Billion on improved asset valuations, remember they wrote down 100 billion+ its very possible to see a return, which could translate for the quarter from $4 to $10 or more per share.

        If the investment of the US gov is paying off the and market climate is improving, they can raise capital by issuing shares. See GS, WFC, JPM, how do you think they paid back the US gov? they issued shares and their stock price has since gone up, only up, my guess is that they all know that that strategy worked with everyone in the past and should work with AIG.

        Any other ideas, just serious please are welcome.

    • Let me think 9/11 was an inside job?

    • explain who might be the mysterious "they" who are setting about to "prop up" this company?

      could it be you are suggesting some of the AIG management? and their mechanism for "propping" is.....? purchasing mass quantities of stock via off shore accounts? or lying about earnings?

      or is it some secret arm of the govt, Geihtner's Rangers perhaps? In collusion with middle east oil billionaires?


      Girl Scouts?

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      • When I said "they" I meant AIG and their largest shareholder / US gov. Do you believe they are talking about girl scouts? or about an exit plan which should mean how to prop up the company to pay back what it owes? The US government has the right to buy shares too incase you didnt know (according to last years law that they passed. Geithner said that "the US will not loose a penny", I think they have had to have a plan to state so.

        What would be your idea of the US exit plan with AIG?

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