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  • stocker4949 stocker4949 Apr 9, 2010 12:53 PM Flag

    Mr. Eisman = Mr. Stansberry = B.S. advice

    These guys are morons with their own agendas. I doubt if we will ever hear a retraction from any of them after they helped you to lose money on their recommended shorts.

    My dog gives me better advice.

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    • FRAUD.
      After year 2008, every body need to wake up.
      Why we give our hard earn money to 401K so they take 2% for their income?
      Make sure we sell stock at low and buy at high?
      I like AIG because business is boomming and write off everything to zero.
      Just look at TYCO.
      TYCO was smart to split into 5 companies. The only company went BK was CIT.
      So government should study this AIG. Does it really need to stay this low?
      How many people really understand accounting?

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