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  • attmontage attmontage May 25, 2011 3:27 PM Flag

    The company is bankrupt

    its a scam to keep this stock trading in a public market

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    • Never why they have tax payers mo-money!
      USA c1t1zens
      Say hello to the w1nners:
      OBAMA the mama uses the Castro, Chavez model
      Ace Greenberg and fam1ly st1ll have 100s m1ll1on$? He must be laugh1ng at you?
      ‘Report: B1den's Son, Brother Marketed Hedge Fund Through Stanford Company
      V1ce Pres1dent Joe B1den's brother and son ran a fund of hedge funds marketed by compan1es controlled by d1sgraced Texas b1ll1ona1re R. Allen Stanford, accord1ng to a report publ1shed 1n the Wall Street Journal.’?
      WASH1NGTON (Reuters) – Lawrence Summers, a top econom1c adv1ser to U.S. Pres1dent Barack Obama, was pa1d about $5.2 m1ll1on by hedge fund D.E. Shaw 1n the past year, f1nanc1al d1sclosure forms released by the Wh1te House showed on Fr1day.Summers, a former U.S. Treasury secretary and Harvard Un1vers1ty pres1dent, also was pa1d $2.7 m1ll1on 1n speak1ng fees by a range of organ1zat1ons and compan1es, 1nclud1ng several troubled Wall Street f1nanc1al f1rms, they showed.

      Gee why ba1lout A1G?
      A1G now says 1t pa1d out more than $454 m1ll1on 1n bonuses to 1ts employees for work performed 1n 2008.
      'Hedge funds are typ1cally open only to a l1m1ted range of profess1onal or wealthy 1nvestors.' Fr1ends of………….?
      'Hedge funds are typ1cally open only to a l1m1ted range of profess1onal or wealthy 1nvestors. Th1s prov1des them w1th an exempt1on 1n many jur1sd1ct1ons from regulat1ons govern1ng short sell1ng, der1vat1ve contracts, leverage, fee structures and the l1qu1d1ty of 1nterests 1n the fund. A hedge fund w1ll nevertheless comm1t 1tself to a part1cular 1nvestment strategy, and therefore often part1cular 1nvestment types and leverage levels, v1a statements 1n 1ts offer1ng documentat1on, thereby g1v1ng 1nvestors some certa1nty regard1ng the nature of the fund.'
      Do not pay on cred1t default swaps! They are not regulated and therefore should not be enforce!
      Th1s guy makes 1t s1mple for the dumb tax payer
      ‘Er1c D1nallo, super1ntendent of New York State's 1nsurance Department, ra1led on Fr1day aga1nst A1G's fa1led bus1ness model, l1ken1ng 1ts 1nsur1ng cred1t-default swaps as gambl1ng w1th somebody else's money. "1t's l1ke tak1ng 1nsurance on your ne1ghbor's house and even maybe contr1but1ng to blow1ng 1t up," he sa1d at a panel sponsored by New York Un1vers1ty's Stern School of Bus1ness.’
      Here 1s the laugh.
      C1t1 spends $3.5M to reward Sm1th Barney brokers.
      Amer1can 1nternat1onal Group 1nc. plans to pay 1ts outgo1ng general counsel Anastas1a Kelly several m1ll1on dollars 1n severance benef1ts after she res1gned because of federal pay curbs, accord1ng to people fam1l1ar w1th the matter.
      GM and chrysler rece1ve b1ll1on of you tax payers' money. You can't afford a vacat1on. They have b1ll1ons for people who don't work!
      'GM's plan 1s est1mated to be $20 b1ll1on, or about 20 percent underfunded, wh1le Chrysler's plan 1s 34 percent underfunded, lead1ng to a $9 b1ll1on-plus shortfall, the agency sa1d. Ford's funded rat1o 1s not publ1cly ava1lable, but the company's pens1on plans are l1kely runn1ng at a $12 b1ll1on def1c1t, 1t sa1d.'
      Wh1le the former USA 1s chang1ng laws and pol1c1es as 1t grows, Nowhere? Revoke all trusts or reduce to max $3,000,000.00 per trust, Declare banks 1nsolvent. Payout the max $250,000.00 FD1C! Get the money c1rculat1ng! ? 1f Buffet, Gates and other b1ll1ona1res were to d1e the 1nher1tors’ tax k1cks 1n at 3 m1ll1on and the rest of the money goes to the people(new government) of the former USA.
      On the way out turn the l1ghts off!

    • Your right, it was a ponzi prop up by uncle sam.

    • stockmarketmasta May 25, 2011 7:29 PM Flag

      They are bankrupt. They are being propped by uncle sam, and uncle sam does not have the political ability to drop anymore into this. As the stock falls more, they will sell and take their loss before it goes Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac style... Sub $1.00

    • I wouldn't go as far as to say they're bankrupt, but they still have some SERIOUS lingering issues from the '08 financial crisis. Things are not all hunky-dory at AIG.

    • I hate stupid people......

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