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  • ejv624 ejv624 May 31, 2013 9:58 AM Flag

    How big a deal is this missed payment?

    Is that why the stock is down almost $1 today...Is this an opportunity to get it? What say the board?

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    • I think the market is acting as confused about this as we are. Not only is the stock bouncing around, but the warrants seem disconnected from the common. Surely, there has to be some $$$ penalty AIG will pocket? Maybe the consortium is just too disorganized to act in a timely way? I can't imagine ILFC being worth less than it was several months ago. Their business has been showing steady improvement throughout. At the worst AIG can at least spin the business off to existing shareholders. I might be interested in that.

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      • Is this the fastest you can type these little stories. Tell the board which market maker has your marketing firm on retainer. Until you go away or own up, I will continue to call out your paid spam to the board. gfu!

      • I don't really think it matters too much for the long-term but obviously it is a change of what the expectations were i.e. this being final by mid-June. I guess withholding a payment is an ancient Chinese trick to then negotiate better terms. In the end the reason it does not matter is either it will still go thru to the untrustworthy Chinese, AIG will sell the business to some other party or they will end up doing an IPO after all. Seems the market conditions have actually improved since this Chiense deal was first announced last year so if it falls thru we all may actually be better off in the end with an IPO or sale to another party. The sale price likely would not be that different and the only negative will be that the process will drag on a little longer likely delaying an announcement on more buybacks and a dividend. But heck, my timeframe runs until January, 2021 so I don't really care much personally.

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    • I bought more 44.83. Will buy all the way down.

53.37-0.65(-1.20%)Feb 5 4:00 PMEST