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  • hddriven hddriven Jun 25, 2013 12:13 PM Flag

    Clues from the option market makers.

    Take a look at the weekly options july 28 expirations.
    as an example, the $41 put, and the $46 call. With the stock near $43.50, which is roughly equidistant between the strikes, the calls are bid only 2 cents, while the puts are bid 6 cents. with the implications that the option mm's are wanting more money to protect against a move to $41, than a move to $46 by friday Note this is on an up day for AIG , up over a $1, AND that AIG has not traded recently at or below $41 even, but has traded recently at or above $46
    So people get your thinking caps on, don't just listen to hypesters, look for the clues that professionals give you, because they outwardly tend not to give you their real intention,
    That is why I post on this board, to give fellow "small " investors help, and I hope fhe same,
    Instead most here foolishly attack people who are trying to help the little guy, How ironic.
    We should be helping each other buy low and sell high.
    I will post more about this concept soon, but busy trading now.

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    • Hey douchebag, You slipped up and posted under your valuedouche alias below. Feel free to click on your valuedouche alias, read all your douchebag posts and then deny it. You are a tool...own it.

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      • I was going to say nice try, but it is not nice anymore. Your posting with your own aliases and then claiming that it is me has gotten pretty darn old, don't you think. Apparently you have lost your cool.
        you never speak about the stocks, you only want to disrupt.
        How is kelly, and cacionaipha and escapegrill and fravvdo and hddrlven and etc etc doing.
        Hey where is vailueman, and j0n with an l instead of a 1
        laughing at you, mr alias king.

    • HD.. I commend your honesty. What do you think will be a good point to load up on more shares. I'm long on this.

    • You're quoting Jun 28 exp, and the volume on the 46 is 1. In other words, it is not being traded really at all, so using that quote means nothing at all.

      The Jul 41/46 put/call are priced the same. Thanks for looking out for the little guy.

      • 1 Reply to whbog
      • NO whbog, just because you ignorantly say that the quote for june 28 options "means nothing at all" does not make it true. Those were real quotes and you could trade off them, whether no one at that point had or not is what means little.
        And at the time of my post when the stock was at $43.50, the same thing was seen for the july options, the only time they came in line as your post suggests was when the stock moved well higher than the $43.50 mark to the $43.75 area. Now that the stock has moved back towards $43.50 , the puts you referenced are higher than the calls you referenced.
        Next time, be ACCURATE , when you attempt to refute FACTS that I or anyone else posts.
        You have just proven that you cannot be relied on to be fair and show integrity and be trusted.

    • Boobosity, buffoonery and douchebaggery all rolled into one. You are the full package douchebag!

    • Sorry, but "Buy low and sell high" is not really a new concept :-)

      For long term returns and for "small" investors alike there is only concept - long term value.

      That means, if you are NOT a professional, ignore any near time options, do not be too greedy (day trading) and in the long term, NO market maker can ever lower the stock price artificially:

      IF a stock is trading around 40 US$ and the company will pay a divi of 20US$ every year, the stock will rise no matter what a mm wants.

      So look into a business and if it looks good, invest in it (buy the stock) and wait for a decent return.

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      • I agree....take the long view.....the vast majority of so-called investors are really the little guys who want to hit it big and are therefore impatient....they get sucked into day trading ideas that look exciting only to be wipsawed by fear, greed and pride....literally, 95% of them lose ALL of their money allocated to trading and then some (I should know!)....only the very few are able to overcome the principle challenge...and that is not the external's ones own mind. Find a major company that has a plan, that you understand and buy it....and be patient....your odds go way up.

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