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  • edblue1003 edblue1003 Dec 10, 2013 11:45 AM Flag

    AIG - From Riches to Rags!

    It's hard to believe what 13 years has been to this once great company. Just after the turn of the century,
    AIG was trading around $2,400 pps (accounting for the reverse split in 2009). It paid a nominal divi then.
    It was run by a competent CEO who, ultimately was 'run out of town' by the U.S. government. Since his 'dismissal' this company was 'run into the ground'. 13 years later it is trading in the high $ 40's pps.
    To show you how far this company has 'tumbled' let's look at the figures: This now LOSER has plummeted 97.5% off its highs and pays even a WORSE divi now. It sold off many of its prized parts and has been relegated to a HAS BEEN and run by a HYPED CEO (praised by the government which should tell you something. Even Cramer has joined the 'bandwagon'). Investors have lost fortunes and now the company is still performing badly. Think of this: excluding the REVERSE split, it has gone from $120 pps to around $2.40 pps when the DOW is now at all time highs. This was once a DOW stock that was 'booted' after its demise. This company is a DEAD DUCK and will NEVER recover from where it once was. A company to be AVOIDED by current investors, this HAS BEEN COMPANY is a disgrace. The only reason it is still in BUSINESS is because of the 'generous' U.S. taxpayer who BAILED THESE LOSERS OUT. The only company I think of with a WORSE record is Citigroup (aka CitiHYPE). In short, one has to be very careful where to invest money and check DAILY the performance of it. Otherwise, you may be caught in a LOSER like AIG or CitiHYPE. Good trading!

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    • I am sorry, this "LOSER " as you say is up 30% since Jan 1, 2013 and if traded near its peers should be at 64 per share. Live in the present and future - the past is gone. And remember - had not the government bailed this company out ( the government made a smart return on its investment ) many people would be in breadlines. Obviously you have no idea how close we were to being Kazakstan.

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    • It never ceases to amaze me, how someone will try to use splits / reverse splits to argue that a company's value (Market Cap) has increased or decreased. If a company splits 2-1, then share price decreases 50% and number of shares double. The market cap remains the EXACT SAME.

      Maybe the price has gone from $2400 (pre reverse split of 1 for 20) per share to $50 post reverse split. One must compare apples to apples.

      If one compares apples to apples, then you have to put both figures on the same side of the split. Taking that into consideration, YES it has gone down.... BUT NOT from 2400 to 50. It has gone from 120 to 50. Still down about 60% from its all time high, but not down 98% like this poster suggests.

    • I respectfully disagree. Your rant reads as if it was typed by a teenager. Who invests in a company based on historical performance? AIG isn't the same company which isn't a bad thing given their moves in prior to the financial "crisis". I'm in since $30 and look forward to the years ahead. Check back with me when I sell for $65 and I'll let you know what I plan on buying next. PS: GNW, HIG and other insurers were all excellent buys in 2012-early 2013...still have some upside left. VOYA and ING included. Good luck with future rants.

    • I'm always amazed at people who think that by using disparaging remarks (e.g. LOSERS) that it somehow makes their stated opinion "better". I think it makes their opinion worse. I discount these posters as people who previously lost money on a stock and are venting their anger. Either that, or, you could just say "I'm short on AIG and here's my reasoning......".

    • You can keep looking at the past, but that's not where the money is now. So, what's your point? That AIG cannot ever make money again? A mindless bull might use your math to prove AIG is going back to $2400. (I've actually read that here.) I don't care what AIG used to be worth though. I care about where it's going now, relative to the cost of investing in it. AIG is moving forward, albeit at a pace many of us would like to see hasten. Why are you determined to see this company fail?

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