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  • cramerblows_a_s_s cramerblows_a_s_s Apr 20, 2013 2:31 PM Flag

    I'd be very leary of Motley Fool and all the other pumpers

    Smart money never pumps a stock that they are buyng, just the stocks that they are dumping. A SPO to get the company out of the big hole it's CEO has dug is most likely coming. The lawsuit could even bankrupt this disaster. Shareholders look like an ATM for this company I'm afraid.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • That was a very misinformed article Motley Fool put out.....but that is classic Motley Fool. Most of there articles are just noise and don't drill down into the details of anything they highlight.

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      • I would agree that Motley Fool has become a farce. They do not really analyze and they do not look at the downside. Something odd about that crew. Don't ever buy a stock because of a Motley Fool article.

        Still slightly bullish on RICK for the time being.

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      • You finally got something right. The article DOES misinform the public about same store sales. They actually fell 3.7% in most recent quarterly release! Here's part of the article saying it climbed 12.5% which is a farce.

        And then clownboy says in his article that they have not issued new stock to fund the acquisitions. That's another lie as they HAVE issued $3.6M in convertible notes and just issued another 100,000 shares towards the LA club. Add to that the $22.25M they need in 6 weeks for the 33rd St property which will likely come from major share dilution. Throw in the $32M debt they added for Jaguars that could result in dilution down the road since debt on the balance sheet isnearly as high as the market cap now.

        Typical pumper making up rubbish to keep a stock inflated ahead of MORE share dilution soon imo.


        "But let's not look at growth in a vacuum; not all growth is good. With Ricks attempting to grow quickly by opening new locations, it's natural to wonder if this strategy is reckless. After-all acquisitions work great during good times, but when recession hits fortunes can quickly reverse.

        Since we're looking for stocks that can outperform in either scenario (continued growth or recession) we'll need to examine if Ricks acquisition strategy is prudent.

        Growth from acquisition is typically not preferred because it can be a signal that companies can't grow organically. But with Rick's growing same store sales at 12.5%, I'm not worried. Throw in the fact that they haven't issued new stock to fund the acquisitions, and I'm really not worried."

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

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