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  • rickarooski rickarooski May 24, 2013 1:00 PM Flag

    RICK. This is criminal. But you have to want to learn about the market to read this.

    Gotta love the game. A few minutes after my post about a price block at 8.60, (6900 shares available) a block of 200 shares was bought as a "MARKET ORDER".
    The range of the fill was .56 to .60 and again, the block was 2000 shares.

    Now for the punchline.
    The shares available on the "POSTED ASK" open market is STILL 6900 shares. There's no better evidence of the game being exposed that what just occured. These are "off-market" trades. As this continues to happen the open market will NEVER effect the price. It's comperable to under-the-table card play. You see the winner but you can't see how the hand was put together.

    Not whining here. Just trying to help those that want to get better at the market, and, to not get frustrated. It's a learning curve and you have to desensitize yourself from what you think "should happen logically" versus what happens in this 2013 market.

    My problem with the process is that RICK management is doing NOTHING to effect a change in the status-quo. Show me an insider buy!!!! Show me a dividend. SHOW ME SOMETHING that suggests a return on a RICK investment!!!!!!!

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    • Rooski, I saw 6700 at $8.60 (shortly after your post) and I placed a buy order for 4000 at $8.61 and got filled at just shy of $8.60, but the ticker actually dropped from $8.58 to $8.57. What's worse, the number of shares available at $8.60 went up. Somebody is unloading or shorting heavy now. Very different from just a couple days ago. I've almost filled my 30,000 shares and I couldn't move this up at all. Sorry!

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      • In reply (and additon) to Ora's comment)

        One can't use "potential" at this point as one could have (and DID) use that rationale over a 5 year period (That's a FIVE). RICK needs to STOP the expansion aspect of the company and concintrate on solid performance of the existing shops.

        It doesn't take a rocket sceintist to see that if you keep building the business andNOT let the dust settle, it's EASY to interpret that action as SMOKE and MIRRORS. A corporate Ponzie Scheme where the real profit isn't ever appreciated as the "earnings" keep getting dumped into new enterprises.

        RICK needs to STOP the even-remote-possibility that acquiring shop after shop isn't anything more than a Pyramid or Ponzie Scheme.

      • You are a FOOL to trust Eric imo. He's in this for Eric. His high salary and expensive aircraft are proof. he will most likely trade the stock equity for high debt by overpaying for everything the company buys. when the stock is below $5, he will add shares and butback shares with company cash. Both of these tricks will boost his ownership and squeeze out you little turds. he will then have a buddy at private equity help him buyout what's left for peanuts. You will lose!

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

      • OK. At least someone is trying. Thanks for the efforts and for recognizing the plays. If we had more enlightened "investors" RICK would have a better go at price growth.
        There's definately a VERY FEW individuals playing with RICK. A hand-shake that scratches each others back. The fact that it's continued on the same pattern, same channel, is sad.
        Management has tools at their disposal that aren't being executed. And TRUST ME. Buy backs which lower a float that's already NOT BEING TOUCHED isn't one of them!

        So here's another tool you silly management idiots (Sorry 36 this is within your post) Another way to change the status quo is to effect a reverse split. THAT will reduce the float AND have a $17.00 price tag for the gamers to have to deal with. This penny price in the mid $8's is right in their sweet spot.

        Thanks 36 for your astute additions.

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