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  • rickarooski rickarooski Jul 2, 2013 7:50 PM Flag

    Great article or just another set-up????

    By now you've all read the S.A. article. It is VERY comprehensive and full of accurate details. It also comes across as unbiased and appears to be an attempt to inform. And there-in lies the rub.

    As RICK has not moved for over 3 years (the article points this glaring issue out as many of us have in the past) one has to be a LOT sceptical about the timing and the intent of the writing.

    RICK is at AGAIN the top of the channel as 8.80 is the value placed into the computer. And since I've (and others) have commented frequently about the channelling of RICK, perhaps there was need to hype the stock to get even more chumps to join in at the top. All the while the short interest is adding on for the plummet to 8.20 that will (most certainly) follow. And the ploy may have suceeded as 90K+ was traded in lock-step with the article release.

    So! Is the article a benefit to the uninformed so that a purchase SHOULD be made based on the potential of RICK? Or, is this just another set-up for the price reversal. You'll need to flip the coin on this one . The downside will be lower than 8.20 if the historic performance of 8.80 plays out. On the other hand we might see mid 9's if the article fell on optimistic eyes.

    My spin. As the market is nothing more than a churn device to whipsaw stock prices on a daily / weekly basis, I'm on the side of 8.20 and lower as the broader market is fixated on whipsawing, and the long term history of RICK would suggest the DOWN versus the up. (I.O.W. I'll believe it when I see it) It's illogical to believe that a single article, albeit well written, can effect the performance of a stock who has a LONG history of price failure. Besides, there's nothing in the article that hasn't been discussed on this board over and over again during the last 3 years. Does it's origin from S.A. give it ligimaticy? Should it project the price upwards? It is just another propanganda article which attempts to head fake the uninformed?

    Carry on.

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    • B.T.W.
      The timing of the article release at the channel top is certainly suspect. At a minimum it'll tell you where the short term price will head. I'd feel much better if the release was at the "natural bottom" near 8.20, that way the natural incline back to 8.80 would be based on the historic channel. Now that the gun is emply there's no more amunition for a move up once the price heads back down. If RICK asked for support from an anal they surely got it. But the weapon is empty from now until earning release.

      Carry on.

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      • I did enjoy the article. It was certainly much more in depth than previous articles about Ricks. However, Rickarooski , all your points are 100% valid. An investor needs to do their own research. My real gripe is with the so called "professionals" claiming Apple would hit $1,000, These people are the real crooks.

      • Well it's been 3 trading days since "THE" article. It pretty obvious that it was a hoax, AKA set-up for the trip down. These pukes are pretty smart. If the tanked RICK in the day after they'd be suspect for the written head-fake. (Not that the SEC would do anything). But now that a few trading days have gone by (WITH NO FOLLOWTHROUGH) the pukes can head RICK back to below the lower part of the channel. You see, stocks that are moving up "for real" have followthrough and volume. Stocks that have an atypical volume day on the very day that a supporting article is released, are set-ups for a downward play. Wish I could report otherwise but churn and channels are the way the market will act until the SEC creates rules to the contrary. I.O.W. it'll be like this for a LONG time.

        Carry on.

      • There were certain elements to the artilce that have never been discussed on this board such as the debt in such detail. The point being the debt amount compared to others is far from overleveraged. The situation if the poll tax, which all agrees in unconstitutional, would actually benefit from return payout. Also it is nice to know that the volume has been slowly increasing the past few weeks and the price has been well supported at 8.50. By the way no one is shorting - no one, so your shorting comment is pointless.

        I for one am happy to see the slow move up and hopefully shares falling into stronger hands.

        Sales announcement next week will be important although not necessarily dramatic in nature. Hopefully earnings will be in line to the analyst estimate next month - that alone would be good news as far as comparing years. In the meantime announcements of new clubs should not hurt as well.

        I understand your negativity but the past three years are hangovers from Vegas and the recession. The story is developing that should spark interest. The article is a nice segway to further good news I hope regardless of when it came out.

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