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  • rickarooski rickarooski Feb 13, 2014 11:15 AM Flag

    A call to IR suggests that RICK has it's bases covered.

    I hate to break the trend of useless posts by putting something worth contemplating, but, I get no pleasure out of posting garbage. So with the Hustler news from yesterday, it behooves the curious ones to petition IR at RICK'S to see what their preparedness is for the whole tax situations.

    Hustler is a small business that tried to snake the system by non-compliance of the tax laws. RICK's, being on top of the situation and in no position to fight with the powers-that-be (as the screws could be put to a T & A franchise), have paid the appropriate monies to the proper authorities as they go. They're VERY much aware of what they do as a business and are taking appropriate steps to NOT become an issue to the city (that's HUGHLY counterproductive)

    The other states that require fees / taxes are all accounted for. And, the looming Pole tax in TX is being expensed in the 10K each Q. So if the courts see the pole tax as "legal" then RICK has those monies expensed out. If the pole tax is thrown out, then, there's a bunch of money that can go to .......... not discussed with IR as that would be conjecture.

    Hope this helps. (It did for me)

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    • Thank You very much. I love your posts, even though, our answers may be different. You always give solid reasons to back your answers, unlike blue, dog, and some other idiots.

    • "The other states that require fees / taxes are all accounted for."

      $13.8M pole tax is still growing while RICK's cash figure dropped last quarter due to payment on another new jet. So I'd say that Texas is "accounted for", but not actually funded.

    • Stop repeating the same garbage. Heisenberg was right about you, you bash when you want in and pump once you are in or want out.

      The $13.8M for the pole tax has been put on the balance sheet as a deferred liability only. No cash has been set aside to actually pay it. The $10M is needed because of the $87M of debt on the balance sheet. they can't just spend the whole wad on the pole tax, or the labor suit, or the wrongful death suit.

      Now stop with the garbage posts for a change.

      • 1 Reply to cramerblows_a_s_s
      • I'm going to break tradition by answering your silliness.
        BTW. You'll get MUCH more credibility here (you'll be starting from ZERO) if you address the topics only and not attempt to address the poster. Additionally, just how much credibility does "Cramer ...." as a user ID command? Once again, ZERO. (Seems to be a continuous theme with you ZERO!)

        But I do digress. There's 4 of you who do nothing but spew negatives about this company. That alone is worth a cautious eye as NONE of the 4 of you add even a suggestion of objectivity. The problem is that you don't realize just how silly you sound. You haven't move this equity ONE PENNY. On the contrary. My posts are intended to inform to the goings on as best I can from my office. Sometimes my input isn't pro-RICK and sometimes it's positive. But NONE of the posts are waffling to enhance my position. You're just going to have to go with that.

        BTW. There's VERY FEW traders of this equity. And with that I'm sure part of the trading strategy is to cover all bases. Yes, even a silly Yahoo M.B. So go ahead. Knock yourself out. No really, knock yourself out!!!! You'll be doing the board and perhaps society a favor.

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