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  • rickarooski rickarooski Feb 21, 2014 12:37 PM Flag

    The market antics of RICK. You need to realize this.

    It's not a secret that the 12.05 after reporting was the high as RICK will get this go-round. The programmed slow-bleed of the stock is in mid path. But the process that's being done is worth noting. The punch line will be given first. KEEP AWAY from trading RICK. There are VERY FEW pukes that trade this equity and they trade back-and-forth between themselves. The daily pops to the short term highs of the day are nothing more than a posturing for a short acquisition to being the stock back down to new daily lows by days end. This is ILLEGAL hand-shake trading that is extremely hard to prosecute. These penny-anny pukes work RICK for a few 100 dollars a day and walk away happy for their efforts.

    The problem here is that the action is unopposed. These low lifes have carte blanc on the days" events since RICK is a low float, obscure entity (Except for the days before reporting). I can only make the observation but I haven't the finances to change the pattern. So will RICK will remain a zombie stock until such time that that a whale-sort, or, some one with balz, or a group of investors that'll break the back of the current losers.

    In the means time, RICK is a zombie stock, controlled by very few. It'll never see growth unless management does something to address the investors' plight. LIKE INTRODUCING A 1 TIME DIVIDEND. That'll keep the pukes honest. Right now the fox is ruling the hen house while the farmer and his rifle sit in the house watching ESPN. So git off your ax and shoot the fox.

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