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  • heisenberg_blue heisenberg_blue Mar 13, 2014 2:07 PM Flag

    Barkingdog spot on in regards to Ricky Bobbys lawsuit

    From Seekig Alpha's article;

    "Not surprisingly, Sony and Columbia Pictures are claiming that Rick's usage of Rick Bobby and related phrases and intellectual property are illegal infringements. This lawsuit was easily predictable and should have been avoided. I'd venture as far as to say management showed a stunning amount of arrogance in thinking they could avoid any legal action."

    Imagine RICK with competent management. Too bad you can't get rid of the selfish CEO and spineless BOD.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Aha ... it's all probably the result of Blue going on the Sony Message Board and asking about it ... you know, what about "James Bond Gentlemen's Club" and all that?

    • I guess they don't consider it material, hahaha. Numerous restaurants use the name Ricky Bobby across the country. But maybe the lawsuit was what they wanted, a no name restaurant with a racing theme that they wish to expand across the US. Columbia and Sony suing them does give them free marketing, and in the end they can rebrand the entire place with a few buckets of paint. Most of the terms are pretty vague and widely used that they cite. Most likely they settle the whole thing if it doesn't get tossed.....since the possible financial reward isn't great for the studios.

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