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  • shortofaname_99 shortofaname_99 Nov 2, 2010 9:19 AM Flag

    Cash flow still weak at EXPD

    Trading at 50x trailing FCF, twice the fair multiple. Huge increase in receivables this year does not bode well. Look for stock to come down to $40 at least. And this Fedex/UPS bomb scare will surely lead to less business.

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    • Once again, you don't get EXPD. And the fact you think EXPD would be better off with some rent-a-CEO proves you have little understanding of the company culture. Move on to a company you know a little more about.

      "....And guess what: if the exec's at EXPD just made what their peer group makes, EPS (and the share price, ostensibly) would be higher...."

      Did you understand my first message regarding the compensation program? It doesn't sound like you did.

    • Sigh: you don't understand correlation either. Hint: you can't say x wouldn't have happened if y had not been in the exec chair.

      Also, very funny how you would select the stock price to illustrate your point. The exec's have no control over stock prices, but control over a whole host of other metrics, nearly all of which have declined over the period you're referencing. And guess what: if the exec's at EXPD just made what their peer group makes, EPS (and the share price, ostensibly) would be higher. It comes out of the shareholders pockets, right into Medina real estate.

      Further, you really think this would be a rudderless ship without these exec's? Think of the kind of professionals you could get in to manage the firm with that kind of compensation.

      I just grabbed a company randomly...there aren't many that the exec's that reward themselves as richly as EXPD. Feel free to compare around.

    • You are comparing EXPD to INTC? And besides, I really don't care how much they make. They make ME money. And I guarantee they will continue to make me money. You can't say that for Intel.

      Look at the 5 year chart comparison. EXPD = increase of 49% and INTC = a decrease of 19%???? So who is really overpaid!?!?!?!?!

    • No, you don't understand.

      EXPD mgmt paid themselves more than INTC mgmt, even though INTC generated 30 times more net. That's astounding.

      Care to justify that?

      They're grossly overpaid, as I said.

    • Are you really that clueless about the EXPD business model?

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