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  • fuzzhead72 fuzzhead72 Feb 23, 2007 10:12 AM Flag

    On the way back down?

    I've heard a number of folks say that the stock has only gone up this much because some person on TV has been talking it up. If this is true, wouldn't that mean that the run up in price is simply a short term "infatuation" with the stock? I would think that as soon as he stops plugging it, it will drop back down in value - something that might happen over just the next couple of days.

    Anyone have any thoughts on this? I'm thinking the stock may have topped out for a while, and could start sliding back down. Should we sell, then pick up cheap again later?

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    • In your dreams...wake up...ACI long and strong!

    • Sounds like we have ourselves a shorty here boys. Posing as the "helpless" stock novice who just wants some advice.. Like a book I say

      • 2 Replies to whistler1_91902
      • >Sounds like we have ourselves a shorty here boys. Posing >as the "helpless" stock novice who just wants some >advice.. Like a book I say

        Look - I don't get cable TV, only free broadcast TV. Several people on here posted that some TV personality was saying good things about the stock, driving the price up. I have no real way to verify this, since I can't watch it. And yes, I do sort of think that kind of thing might cause a short term impact, and not a long term one, like a change in organization of the company, or something like that. This is why I asked what you guys think. I'm not trying to say that the stock will do one thing or the other - I'm just asking what the consensus is, for advice. So far, I've held on for the ride up, but as I get to the 25% profit mark, I start to get a bit nervous.

      • Maybe coal prices are rising as utility coal stock piles are low. They will need to replace at higher prices. Also degassification of coal is in the future. All coal producers have seen their stock price rise.