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  • liberalsrcrap liberalsrcrap Aug 29, 2008 7:28 AM Flag

    BIGGEST TRUTH TODAY - "Clean Coal"

    Coal is great, and we have the technology today that makes it a clean fuel. Sure, it emits a bit of CO2, but who cares? No one has proven that burning this stuff or any other fuel is what is causing global warming. Biggest myth of our time. In the 1960's they were saying pollution was going to cause an ice age. Now pollution is causing global warming. This is one of the coolest summers we have ever had. Global warming my a$$. Just crap to shake money out of people.

    Coal is great. It can be turned into oil, it is most energy efficient at producing electrical. Hydrogen can be extracted from it to fuel the new Hydrogen cars. Coal is great.

    Nuclear? It's o.k. if you can handle radiation hanging around for thousands of years which will kill anyone who is exposed to it.