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  • kingforadayortwo kingforadayortwo Nov 9, 2012 8:48 AM Flag


    Your Mormon buddy that believes in a con man called Joseph Smith lost so give it up little boy. You are a loser just like your party and your stock picks. Get a job you bum. We are sick and tired of carrying you people that don't work.

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    • Who is "we"? dooshbag? Who are you carrying?

    • ***** When I see the men and women without limbs, I think of the Republicans who don't give a damn about human life.*****LMAO. You're uneducated loser what's about 4 American heroes died in Benghazi, Libya BO knew it was a terror attack, they called for help and he didn't do any s$hit and went on for campaign??? You must be a blinded pro-democrat who supports BO turns a great, strong America to a weak country and lazy people like you to collect food stamp and live depend on government. In 4 years BO had turned 20+ mil people into 40+ mil people who live depend on food stamp, double the debt, high unemployment etc... my friend, you tell me what BO did for this country, nothing. And BTW, BO told people voting is the best REVENGE. REVENGE for who and REVENGE for what my friend, I can't vote for that kind of person. He did not earn my vote period.

      People Mormon and you're a #$%$ What's wrong with Mormon you chump? I can tell you're very desperate loser like BO,,, do as i say,,,, not as i do.... the liberal way!!! try to turn this country from capitalism to socialism. That's too bad loser. Get lost and don't even think about that.

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