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  • stoxx_detective stoxx_detective Nov 20, 2012 1:14 PM Flag

    I told you guys weeks ago that ACI was heading to around $8.50 when it was $5.50.

    I had one guy say he would put me in for a medal if $8.50 happened. Well it happened. I have more then enough medals having served in the U.S. Navy for 22 years and was in Vietnam with the Mobile Riverine Force "Brown Water Navy" for 16 months '67-'69.
    I also said that ACI would top out around $8.50 and then would start to decline. I told you all to sell at that price Did you?
    If not, you will now be looking at a world of hurt as I don't think this company will see $8.50 again.
    In fact I doubt if ACI will survive at all.

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    • If your serious about being in the Navy thanks for your service, especially during those trying times. ( here comes the however )..However Billionaire T Boone Pickens has been buying into Arch Coal and Billionaire George Soros has been buying into Peabody Energy which tells me two very smart investors are of the opinion that these two coal stocks are bottoming and getting ready to run. I remember when both Pickens and Soros were buying the refineries like Valero and Tesoro during a time when all the talking heads on CNBC hated refineries. Both refineries were painful investments like Arch Coal , than all of a sudden the refineries took off. I'm betting that the coal stocks can do the same thing..........jmho

    • So from the tone of your post sounds like you are short now?

      Actually ACI has done this a couple of times in the past few months. It has jumped from $6 to $8 and then back down again. Been trading in this range for quite a while now.

      I suspect it will make another run back up to $8 before the end of the year.

    • 22 years in the Navy... that makes you an expert militia man. What's your credibility in stock picking? Thanks for letting us in on your prophetic abilities... I'm going to hit the sell button because you told me so.

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    • no one likes an " I told you so" lolz

      Why not tell these guys what you bought that went up 100%?

      Better yet why not tell these guys what you are buying now that you expect to zoom ?

      They could all use a good laugh.

      • 1 Reply to m2bq
      • O.K. want to know what I bought that went up 100% this year?
        Nothing I bought went up 100%. Had a couple that went up 40%.
        What I'm buying now?
        Nothing until 2013.
        What I own?
        Some energy stocks and 3 boxes of Devil Dogs, 1 box of Twinkes, 2 bags of Hostess mini-donuts and 2 boxes of Hi-Hos which are now in the deep freeze and will put on E-Bay in a year or so.
        I'll make a small fortune there.

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