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  • A Yahoo! User Nov 21, 2012 12:41 PM Flag

    VIX is trending down while stocks go down = BAD time to short

    Forget about what you think fundamentally for now (though 50% growth of coal usage in China over the next 5 years pretty well sums up the fundamental story). Take a look at the VIX. It's been trending down since the spike in summer. Even as markets have gone down in November.. so has the VIX. The take-away? Simple -- institutions are STEALING shares from weak hands. Individual investors are panicking and selling while the institutional investors are quietly covering their shorts and adding to their longs. The individual investors that are short and don't know any better are holding their shorts thinking they are the with the smart money. The jokes on you guys... the smart money is leaving you behind. Sure, coal is bad for your health if you live downstream from the smoke stacks. That's unfortunate. And 100 years from now, coal will finally be replaced with green energy. But for now, if you want to make money, you better buy in, cover your shorts, or stay on the sidelines. This market is climbing a wall of worry that has it up over 14% in one year ended Oct. 31. Fiscal cliff will be resolved. And the VIX is saying that there is no worry. Nothing but a sea of green after the fiscal cliff "issue" is resolved. Good luck to all... but especially the shorts that are sleeping in their fundamental dream of doom and gloom... that's so 2008.

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