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  • tennisgreg2004 tennisgreg2004 Mar 3, 2013 5:31 PM Flag

    Shale Bubble

    Check out Shalebubble dot Org for perspective on the scam of Shale gas.

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    • Exactly! The so called shale gas revolution is a giant Ponzi Scheme. The industry is supported by a massive well drilling program that costs $125B per year which so far yields only 10 TCF of shale gas per year, or worth $35B sales revenue per year. This is un-sustainable. Once the free money flow scammed from investors stops, the industry collapses. That's going to be a huge profit opportunity for coal investors.

      Why does the country spend $125B per year to produce 10 TCF worth of gas, or the equivalence of 700M tons of coal. when the country can purchase 700M of coal for 1/10th of the costs?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • The shale gas bubble/hoax is similar to the Y2000 computer hoax.

        Who propogated the Y2000 hoax? Computer programmers. Computer programmers made a fortune warning that computers would self distruct at stroke of midnite on December 31, 1999.

        Did one computer in the world malfunction at the stroke of midnite, December 31, 1999? Not one. Yet, the computer programmers were able to propogate that hoax for years.

        We could also throw in the global warming/climate change hoax as an example of widely accepted ideas that are pure nonsense. Who propogates the global warming/climate change hoax. Greenies who want a cleaner environment. Admirable goal and one would think reason enough to limit the use of fossil fuels.

        But the greenies cannot help themselves. They try to make fossil fuels even more dispicable by blaming fossil fuels for global warming/climate change in addition to pollution. This makes good headlines but is pure nonsense.

        Likewsie, Half the proponents of unlimited, free shale gas are ignorant and the other half have a self-promoting hidden agenda.

    • Extraction of natural gas releases methane into the air. Methane is arguably a more dangerous greenhouse gas than CO2. After all, CO2 is absorbed by flora, and encourages its growth!

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