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  • open4businessagain open4businessagain Mar 14, 2013 11:22 PM Flag

    Republicans love greed and destroying the planet with coal - the no brain people

    After reading all the posts on this board, I have come to the conclusion most are brain dead Republican voters that don't care about anything but greed and their coal stocks. They don't care about the pollution, ash and poison or how it effect the population, future population, our kids kids or many generations from now. The only thing they care about is making money with coal and screw the rest. Small minds from people that are not only a danger to out existence but uneducated, brainwashed fools that wouldn't think twice about killing everything off on the planet. A sad group. Most don't have jobs too.

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    • Liberals are so open minded..... their brains fell out.

    • Fuzzy headed liberals live in a world of make believe. They want electricity to charge their smart phones, computers, I Pad's and their 42" TV's so they can watch PBS but somehow think the wind and the sun is all we'll need. They don't want Nuclear Energy so that leaves NatGas. If somehow the world switched over to NatGas the price of electricity would triple making the poor have to do decide between food or heat.

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      • The dagger in the heart will be as to whether they will allow the exporting of liquid natural gas. If that happens natural gas will fall under global pricing and the American people will suffer what would be the largest tax inrease ever. Residential, commercial, and manufacturing (of which is returning because of cheaper nat gas) will all suffer. This is where a major push should be directed. Caution or moderation with regards to coal is still going to be an issue to the common person who must pay the bills in this still struggling economy and if natural gas is the only fuel of choice it could/will become harder times for folks. Excel Energy in Colorado just raised rates for infrastructure cost after raking in the money from this past year of cheaper prices. They will find a way to get your money and will find it easier anytime the cost of nat gaas goes up.

      • I'm not a liberal. I want nuclear power. I don't own an ipad. I don't have a smart phone. I don't want coal and it's by products killing off the planet. You don't get it because you're not smart enough to know better.

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