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  • go4invest go4invest Apr 2, 2013 10:37 AM Flag

    Longs will prevail. Don't let anti coal activists fool you.

    How shorties feel when ACI is not going down sub $4.0.this morning. You guys better cover your shorts dude. Don't be fool and get burn!. Longs will prevail for who buy @ 5.0+ this morning. GLTAL.

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • I wouldn't be surprised to see improved earnings by the end of the year....jmho

    • Coals will stay around for a long time. However, shareholders will either be holding an empty bag for a long time, go insane , develop an ulcer a size of piece of coal or go broke if coal companies can not come up with positive earnings, news about mergers or debts consolitations.

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      • FBI:

        In the last report quarter, excluding one time items, operation-wise, ACI lost $0.60 on each ton of coal sold. Yes they lost 60 cents, two quarters and two nichels on each ton of coal sold.

        It was a loss but it was an extremely tin margin of loss, when coal is sold for well above $100 per ton in international market, and MUCH HIGHER than the US prices, what is the odd you think there is that ACI can never close this un-profitable 60 cents per ton gap and never turn a profit?

        I would say that chance is pretty goodthat coal price can move up by $0.60/ton pretty quick and can move up by asmuch as ONE HUNDRED TIME bigger than that gap. Thus ACI will be making a gigantic profit on higher coal prices.

        Stick to coal. If ACI only makes $10/ton profit on coal, a very moderate profit margin, then that's enough to justify ACI at $100 per share.

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