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  • cadmium_telluride cadmium_telluride Apr 18, 2013 12:02 PM Flag

    I Am Laughing Out Loud Today!

    My dinner tonight is sweet sour fat pork, to commemorate the slaughter of the swines.

    Nothing more need to be said. I have no regret. My cash fund came in at the right moment and purchased as much coal shares as I could, using maximum margin buying power. Almost doubled my ACI shares.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • You doubled your shares becuase of a dip to $4.50? Yea, right, sure you did. I followed your seeking alpha articles about JRCC and PCX and coal in general. Let me remind you ACI, JRCC and PCX have ALL lost 70% value (PCX lost 100%) since you have touted how "bullish" you are. In think in 2-3 years these stocks will prove good long term investments, but I wouldn't shoot off any fireworks because ACI is at $4.93 today, down from $5.70 last week. I am long ACI and its currently my biggest holding. Think WLT and CLF will be bigger winners now that they are so oversold.

    • So many people, from both the short side and the long side, are pounding the table to urge you to sell by the close of market today.


      They all want to grab your cheap shares. LOL.

      Go ahead, sell your shares to them. Just walk away, and give out the greatest investment opportunity to some one else. Just don't regret when you see ACI at $60 per share a year from now.

      I am holding my shares firm. It may be up or down tomorrow but does it matter?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • topline1 Apr 18, 2013 1:47 PM Flag

      #$%$ - market makers and traders making money - high beta this one is.....

    • edgordon Apr 18, 2013 1:04 PM Flag

      Much as I celebrate with you , please do not shout too loud too soon as one swallow a summer does not make. Also it drags us down to the level of the gloating shorts. Much as I would dearly like them to be annihilated I would rather just witness it and savour it quietly. Much more dignified and one up day means nothing. Hopefully its a beginning of a north bound trend but I have seen this before and in truth till double digits arrive and more evidence of NAT GAS Ponzi scheme gets air time then I remain skeptical but quietly hopeful. Be well and YES I do hope it is the beginning for longs.

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • I agree with you. I would rather be quiet and be dignified. But it was just that when I was suffering from pain and I desperately tried to buy more as much as I could, those folks spit on me with their mouth water and I could care less. Now I am having a good day, don't I deserve to vent out a bit.

        I know, by the next dip before the coal stocks go higher, they will come back spit their mouth water on me again. I could care less. Those folks are here to fight a mouth water war. I am here to try to make some money. Don't say I have not told you guys that ACI and ANR can go to $50 to $10 per share. You all laughed. I will laugh when I do see those prices.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Wow it's up to 5.13!?! Same price as earlier this week. Still doesn't match the huge sums you've lost, but truthfully we all know-- you're a trader, not a long... Lets stop pretending.

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      • Yes same price as last week, but a tremendous gain for me compare with last week. I admit it is stil too smal to match the huge paper loss I have. But in time, I will end up making ten time a bigger profit than my paper loss thus far.

        I told you guys I use aggressive margin buying strategy. My loss is huge on the down side. But my gain is gigantic on the up side. A ten fold gain will be translated to 100 fold gain using 50% margin buying power. A ten fold gain in share price is translated into 1000 fold gain using 33.3% margin buying power. Now try to multiply like say $50K starting point, by 1000 fold, see what you get!

        I still have $200K stacked away in my 401K. I think I should have cashed out more of my 401K to buy more. But I am satisfied with what I get so far.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • I agree. It was just at $5.70 last week. Nothing too exciting about this move for me.

    • Another con no less. More BS from a day trader masking as a long.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell


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